Thursday, December 17, 2015



 "Blame It On The Gun!" 

 With Barack Obama it's the agenda. Always the agenda when all is said and done Every time there is a mass shooting we know he is gonna blame it on the gun The man never misses an opportunity to politicize a tragedy.

 He is so very transparent Barack is relentless. He has his sights squarely on the Second Amendment Of course he is a despicable radical but moreover he is mentally unsound See him callously push for more gun control while blood is still fresh on the ground The same speech is given, pushing the same old liberal garbage, the same anti gun narrative He never gives up that the shooter will turn out to be some right wing nut.

 He hates anyone who leans politically conservative We all know that gun control will be a step closer to gun confiscation. That's the Left Wing's big dream. It's part of their utopia If you are a gun owner guard it with your life for these bastards will be coming after ya The criminal will always find a way to get his hands on a gun no matter what law is on the books. Common sense tells you so But it doesn't matter to these ideologues. It's only their political agenda that they know

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