Monday, November 9, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : 'Selective Vetting" or "Out For GOP Blood!!"


 'Selective Vetting" or "Out For GOP Blood!!"

 It is with great amusement and irony to see the media thoroughly vetting each GOP candidate Too bad the same intense scrutiny was not given to Barack Obama in 2008 There was so much in his sordid past that the press saw fit not to cover but we should certainly not be surprised For in the Land of the Far Left a true radical like Barack is most loved and highly prized The bias that is shown towards the GOP is with a doubt so transparent as they push the Far Left's agenda It so poisons each and every political campaign.

 It has become the shame of America This latest brouhaha with Dr. Carson is a perfect illustration. They look for anything against him that will stick. This gives them great delight Is this not the same media who gave Obama on a pass on his long association with Jeremiah Wright?? 

 It's Carson that they pursue. They have him in their crosshairs ready for the attack for they just love to knock out any Republican and even more so if he's black This is what they die for as they always relish to do the Democrat Party's bidding It is any and all opposition to the Radical Left that they're so desirous of ridding They are everywhere. 

They look for any kind of dirt that will do the GOP much harm and pain Fellow patriots, just look at the moderators of the last debate. Their agenda was so very plain They have not been at all successful in toppling the DON as far as anyone can tell For Donald Trump will go on Twitter and tell them all to GO TO HELL!! The media is a great asset to any Republican and please don't tell me that you're surprised They are so utterly loathed by the public.

 They are scorned and truly despised Let them gang up on Carson, Trump or whomever. No damage will erupt for it is common knowledge and has been for the longest time that the media is totally CORRUPT!!

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