Monday, November 9, 2015


 "A One Man Wrecking Crew" 

 In the Oval Office he sits as his second term as President is nearing its conclusion He looks at pride with all he has done. How successful he has been in implementing his radical vision! No one can come to the conclusion that America is now in a better condition than when he first assumed the Presidency The fabric of our society has been so changed. 

It is obvious for anyone to see The racial divide is wider than it's ever been. The politics of race Obama has perfected to an art Class warfare has been used so well. Black and white, rich and poor grow farther apart Only a delusional ideologue like this President can be happy and satisfied at what he has accomplished Long standing institutions have been assaulted. 

It seems that the America we so fondly remember is pretty much demolished As he basks in his narcissism he will tell you how he took us from the throes of darkness and into the light This is a man that we have come to loathe. He is but a useful puppet and really is not too bright His lawlessness know no bounds as he follows the tenets of his radical mentor, Saul Alinsky He has so divided us all in so many damn ways. It is a disgrace. A tragedy The scope of his Executive Orders is so breathtaking. 

His issuance of them defies belief In a world that has gone stark ravingly mad he projects to our enemies a weak and feckless Commander in Chief He is so despised by the Military. We have lost count at so many Generals he has fired Under his so called leadership it is unimaginable the sheer havoc that has transpired America's prestige in the world is fast disappearing. In the depths of despair our country is deeply mired Our Constitution has been spat upon endlessly. 

We are weary of this President. Of his tyrannical acts we are so tired He is a sociopath to an extreme. There is little doubt of that. It has proven to be so true In the end we got not what many thought would be a uniter but a one man wrecking crew!

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