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Daily Bites of Rules for Revolution:Bite#10 The Many Names of Satan

Daily Bites of Rules for Revolution:
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 The Alinsky Model: by David Horowitz Freedom Center: PO Box 55089, Sherman Oaks, CA 91499 --- (800)752 6562 --

Daily Bites of Rules for Revolution:

Daily Bites of Rules for Revolution:

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Daily Bites of Rules for Revolution: Bite#10 
The Many Names of Satan: 
by David Horowitz

In the Eighteenth Brumaire Marx himself summed up the radicals’ passion by invoking a comment of Goethe’s Mephistopheles:

“Everything that exists deserves to perish!” The essence of what it means to be a radical is thus summed up in Alinsky’s praise for Satan. To be willing to destroy the values, structures, and institutions that sustain the society in which we like are also a model for the way radicals camouflage their agendas by calling themselves at different times communists, socialists, leftists, liberals, social justice activists, and most consistently progressives. 

My parents (says David Horowitz) who were card carrying communists, never referred to themselves as communists, but always as progressives, as did their friends and political comrades. The progressive party was created by the Communist Party to challenge Harry Truman in the 1948 election because he opposed the spread of Stalin’s Empire. 

The Progressive Party was led by President Roosevelt’s Vice President, Henry Wallace and was the vehicle chosen by the Communists to lead their followers out of the Democratic Party which they had joined during the popular front of the 1930’s. The Progressives rejoined the Democrats during the McGovern campaign of 1972 and with the formation of a hundred plus members Progressive Caucus in the congressional party and the ascension of Barack Obama to the presidency became its most important political force. 

Alinsky’s tribute to Satan as the first radical is further instructive because it reminds us that the radical illusion is an ancient one and has not changed through the millenias. Recall how Satan tempted Adam and Eve to destroy their Paradise: “If you will rebel against God’s commands then you will be as gods!” This is the radical’s goal: “We can create a new world through our political power. We can make a new rage of men and women who can live in harmony and peace and according to our principles of social justice we can be as gods!” ------- Let us not forget that the kingdom the first radical “Lucifer” won was hell!

first radical “Lucifer” 

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(To be continued ) 

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