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Friends Of Liberty's Weekend Edition: FB – Social Media or Social Disease? - And More...

FB – Social Media or Social Disease?

There comes a point when enough is enough.

Being threatened with banning for a period of days by Facebook because one has requested too many friends or, as happens to many of us, because we are posting too fast, is one thing but, being banned for 30 days from an increasingly antisocial social media site says you did something that clearly, you did NOT do is quite another thing altogether.

Blogger, Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor has found herself in just that situation.

Last week, after a 5 hour stint at the dentist, where she could not have posted a thing had she even wanted to, she returned home to discover she had, in fact, been banned for 30 days.

Facebook Jail.

And what was the offense?

Get this.

In a group, on FB, where Diane is an Admin…

ANOTHER Admin posted a link to an article regarding Islamists and beheadings.

FB took exception and, in retaliation…

Facebook banned ALL the Admins for that particular group.

Well, almost all the Admins and, here’s where things get real sketchy.

Some of those Admins got banned for just a couple of days, others for a few MORE days and Diane…Well, Diane Sori was banned for a FULL 30 DAYS for a post she didn’t know about, didn’t post herself and had not a single thing with which to do.


So…Someone at CPAC last week had a chance meeting with 

Katie Harbath.

Katie then left a comment on Diane’s Patriot Factor article regarding being blocked.

Here is that comment, word for word:

“Diane, my name is Katie and I work in the Facebook DC office. I was at the CPAC blog bash last night and someone passed along your article. I couldn’t find your email address to contact you but would like to try and help look into this. Could you shoot me a note with a link to your profile or the email address you use to log in to katieharbath – at Thanks.”

Diane replied: “I have sent all you requested to you in an email. I appreciate anything you can do.”

So far, so good…Right?

Katie Harbath seems ready and willing to help. Shoot, she sounds downright cheerful about it.

Not so fast.

Hours LATER, Diane Sori receives THIS reply from Katie


“Looked into this and our policies are to hold all admins accountable for what is posted to a page so we won’t remove the ban.”

Quite an about face in attitude isn’t it? The seemingly HELPFUL Katie Harbath suddenly became the snarly FB “GO SCREW YOURSELF” sort we have come to know and loathe.

Needless to say, Diane Sori is NOT happy and, I submit, neither should YOU be happy.

Apparently, Facebook has a “POLICY” by which ALL Admins are to be held accountable for what is posted to a page. ALL ADMINS!!!

That’s right…If YOU are a page Admin and somebody, whether you have knowledge or are a part of what that somebody posts…YOU ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE by Facebook.

Imaging being held responsible for things you had nothing with which to do.

Diane Sori doesn’t have to. She’s PROOF that it is happening.

Now here’s an interesting question…

Why are SOME held MORE accountable than are OTHERS?

Remember, SOME of the Admins from the page in question were given a couple of days in FB jail…SOME were given MORE days and Diane Sori…30 DAYS IN THE FB HOOSEGOW!!!

Oh, it gets better.


But not Diane Sori who, you must remember, did NOT post whatever it was that set FB off NOR did she even KNOW about it.

And if you think THAT’S nuts…

There were 1 or 2 Admins from that page who were NOT SENT TO FB JAIL AT ALL and simply received a warning.

Selective enforcement. That’s what it is plain and simple…Selective enforcement.

But wait, there’s more.

I have SCOURED the FB rules, regulations and policies and can find NOTHING of this sort in them ANYWHERE!

Diane has done so as well and so have others in the wake of this maleficence and NONE of us can find this absurd policy ANYWHERE!!!

HERE are the general rules and policies of Facebook.

Here are the rule and policies pertaining to pages and Admins.

HERE are Facebook’s Community Standards policies.

It seems what we have here, is a policy which allows for selective enforcement and selective penalties that frankly doesn’t exist within their published rules and policies and, while FB prohibits Bullying and Harassment:

“Facebook does not tolerate bullying or harassment. We allow users to speak freely on matters and people of public interest, but take action on all reports of abusive behavior directed at private individuals. Repeatedly targeting other users with unwanted friend requests or messages is a form of harassment,”

It seems that is exactly what they THEMSELVES are doing to their users and Admins of pages however, we have been able to find NO instances of such tactics being employed against LIBERALS at Facebook.

Isn’t that convenient?

Not so convenient where Wall Street is concerned.

As a PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY, which FB most clearly is, their rules and policies MUST be published and available and, it is simply put, NOT legal to employ SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT OF ANY RULES OR POLICIES.

FB…We have a problem.

Yesterday, The Examiner attempted to interview Katie Harbath of DC Facebook and asked her permission to include her name in THEIR article.

Katie Harbath, declined.

Too bad.

Once she appeared on CSPAN and, posted her comment to Diane Sori’s article, the name…Katie Harbath…became public.

So too did Katie Harbath’s EMAIL as she included that in her comment.

As Katie typed it: katieharbath – at and we all know that when addressing an email, we don’t type “at” we use that funny little thing in the upper case of the number 2. It looks like this: @

Now then…I don’t need to say that FB is holding CONSERVATIVES to some standard they’re NOT holding LIBERALS to.

I don’t need to say that.

I don’t need to say that FB seems to be HARASSING conservatives.

I don’t need to say that.

I don’t need to even say that FB is trying to block or make it damn near impossible for conservatives to socialize on their social media site.

I don’t need to say those things because the evidence is starting to pile up. Conservatives, Admins on conservative pages and we, as conservative bloggers are and have been, under Facebook scrutiny and attack for some time now.

So, Patriot friends…what do you say we ALL send Katie Harbath an email today, tomorrow, the next day and so on. Let’s FLOOD her email.

Send it to and please, no cursing, name calling, eye gouging or blindside punches.

Keep it above the belt but, tell her that we want Diane Sori OUT of FB jail and we want her out right now. Let Katie Harbath know that we don’t appreciate SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT, WE DON’T CARE FOR HARASSMENT, WE DON’T LIKE POLICIES THAT AREN’T POSTED AND WE DON’T MUCH LIKE FB AND THEIR STOCK OPTIONS.

Send Katie Harbath a link to THIS National Patriot Weekend Edition.

By all means, send her the link to Diane Sori’s article this morning in The Patriot Factor!!!

Now then…should I come up missing from your favorite FB pages and groups, it’s not because of something you said. It’s because FB isn’t much going to like THIS article or, Diane Sori’s article today or, Joe Newby’s article in The Examiner today or so many OTHERS being posted today.

You can always find me at Tea Party Community where I also have a National Patriot page and gosh wilikers…I have never once been threatened, banned or harassed over there.

Go figure.



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He has used the economic crisis to take over whole industries and has attempted to nationalize the “Health Care System.” As time passes people realize that this administration is the most polarizing in history. Many Americans have gone from hopefulness to unease to a state of alarm as the tyrant shows his radical side that was only partially visible during his campaign.

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SO all of a sudden our politicians have found the abilities to do investigations, but for the last eight years under the last president WHO was running guns to Mexico and Benghazi, and helping Iran get nuclear weapons, and of course the Clintons with their side deal selling uranium to the Russians, apparently we never had any law enforcement watching over any politicians in the last eight years !!!

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What Donald Trump Must Do To Defeat The Deep State Coup | Jerome Corsi And Alex Jones



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