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What's on my mind ?:05/17/17,Changing Times...

What's on my mind?

Changing Times... 

by Pearl Leona Sturgis 

Changing Times... 

Conditions have changed since the time of our founders. The United States must protect its interest in foreign places. After such changes the United states no longer can live completely to itself; nor do the people wish to do so. We are drawn more and more into an effort to work for world peace with other nations.” (unquote) Our Land..Our People history text Public School: 

This book was written in 1933 and less than a decade later December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. This started World War 2 and the holocaust in Germany where 6 million Jews were killed simply for being Jews. We, as a christian nation received our Bible from the Jews and they have always been our friends. It was only one year later in 1942 that the first planning of the United Nations began to form.

The meetings were always supposed to be for peace. At the time there was a widespread war and the first meetings were only 5 nations meeting in Washington DC and later in San Francisco. The first official meeting was in January 1946 in London. The war was over.

Many other nations joined and they made a government of their own with counselling committees and eventually grew until the had their own charter and some protested about their control over the other nations. Many nations started withdrawing . If my memory serves me right I think it was just last year (2015) when Russia withdrew. 


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