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Daily Bites of Global Government Control #4:The Round Table

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New American Magazine September 1996 The Round Table:

The Round Table groups which were semi-secret discussions and lobbying groups created to help federate the English speaking world along lines laid down by Cecil Rhodes. The American affiliate of the network, wrote Quigley, was the Council of Foreign relations (CFR). 

Although he did not endorse all of that network’s designs or decisions, Quigley was generally supportive of its ends. He stated his chief difference of opinion was the fact that it wished to remain unknown. quigley believed CFR’s role in history was significant enough to be made well known. 

It was Council of Foreign Relations, according to Quigley, that provided much of the framework of influence which the communist sympathizers and fellow travelers took over in the United States in the 1930s. It must be recognized that the power of these left wingers exercised was never their own power or communists power but was ultimately the power of the financial organization. 

Quigley noted that the workings of this elite were partially revealed by congressional investigators in the 50s who, following backward to their source, the threads which led from admitted communists, like the Carnegie Endowment and Thomas Lamont to the Morgan Bank fell into the whole complicated network of the interlocking tax exempt foundations. 

This interlocking network funding left wingers is one of the fulfilled prophecy of Mr. House and President Wilson had schemed to bring forth. They felt constructing world socialism would redeem the sins of their ancestors. But of course, that redemption is to be accomplished by seizing total power in the name of social justice and world stability. That seizure will be paid for by the money, liberty and lives of the less fortunate.

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 Mr. House and President Wilson

(to be continued)
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of Global Government Control Series

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