Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Daily Bites of Global Government Control #5:The Power of the Elite

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New American Magazine September 1996 The Power of the Elite:
page 14

Although Quigley, the historian, enjoyed unique access to the formal records of the anglophile network he is not the only academic who has documented its experience and methods. In a study entitled, “The Power Elite” over 40 years ago (from 1996) Columbia University sociologist C. Wright Mills sought to dismiss the conspiracy of modern political history even as he vindicated the essential claims of the conspiratorial perspective. 

Although Mills claimed to have found no conspirators in high places, he, none the less, admitted there is little doubt that the American Power Elite, which contains, we are told, some of the greatest organizers in the world has planned and plotted. he recognized the existence of a definable network joining the elite in politics, academia, the military, the media and foundations, and admitted certain types of men from each of the dominant institutional areas have actively promoted the beginning of this network before it actually took its modern shape. 

While many elements of this network are visible and identifiable, according to Mills, the power of elite is not altogether surfaced. Many higher events that would reveal the workings of power can be withheld from public knowledge.
(to be continued)
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of Global Government Control Series

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