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Your Daily Bread for Life...07/09/16:What's on my mind?

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Barnes Primary History of United States:

1885 American Public School Book reprinted in 1899 and 1919: page 216,17: Centennial Celebration:


In October of 1871 a fire broke out in Chicago and in one night swept away the best part of that city. The property destroyed was worth 200 million dollars and 100,000 people were left homeless. This terrible disaster brought about an outburst of generosity among the American people such as had never been witnessed before in any country.

Within 12 hours after the story of the fire had been flashed over the wires, trains laden with food and clothing were running from all people toward the desolated city. In every town and city of the United states the people were at work devising means of relief for their stricken brethren in Chicago. About the same time a disastrous fire swept through the great lumber region of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota burning villages and farm houses and destroying lives of thousands of people. 

The next year in November a fire occurred in Boston which consumed the finest part of that city but Chicago and Boston were soon built up again even better than before. But in 1873 the prosperity of the country was then to receive a severe shock! There had been a great deal of wild speculation throughout the country and in the fall of 1873 a crash came similar to that of 1837.  Banks failed, railroad building stopped, factories shut their doors. 

Very hard times followed and the people felt the effects for the next 6 years. But in 1876 in spite of the hard times, however, a great exhibition of the Hundredth Anniversary of the history of our nation was held in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. 

Vast buildings were erected for that purpose and people of all nations sent goods to be displayed there. Visitors came from all parts of the world and everybody in the country who could do so went to see the wonderful sights. The exhibition lasted six months and during that time it was visited by nearly ten millions of people. (unquote Barnes)


United we Stand...Divided we Fall.

United we Stand Together we fight...united we stand. Fight for the right...Protecting our Land., Thankful for rivers, for valleys and streams' for music and sunshine; freedom and dreams. For God and for Country; for families and friends; for loved ones and neighbors, we'll always defend! Together we'll fight and united we'll stand. Fight for the right....Protecting our Land!

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