Monday, January 18, 2016



"Thoughts On The GOP Primary"

As we get closer to the Iowa caucus we see the campaign getting a little nastier. The DON and Ted sharpen their knives The other candidates will bow out one by one. Methinks not a one survives Ben Carson is sinking rapidly. It goes to prove that 'nice guys do indeed finish last' And will someone please convince Jeb to call it quits and do it very fast Must we endure any more of Ohio's Governor? I speak of John Kasich He truly bothers me so. I hate to say it but I must. He's one annoying son of a b***h! Chris Christie is very pugnacious.

He can dish it out as we can surely see Hey, Chris, go back to governing New Jersey. In your future I do not see the Presidency And what of America's flip flopper? I got to say that Marco Rubio has mastered his talking points perfectly His debating skills is on point. But will his ability to debate so well lead to the Presidency?? A saying comes to mind when I listen to 'Water Boy' that was used years ago against Gary Hart and that is "Where's the Beef" I'm sorry to have to tell this 'sweat hog' he will never be Commander in Chief!

 By the way has anybody seen Rand Paul?? You remember Rand. He was the original 1 per center in poll after poll It looks like he got a little petulant being forced off the stage. He's such an irritable little troll Oh well. I never thought I'd say this but I kind of miss his dad running for the Presidency He was a lot more easier to take than his son. I don't think you'll disagree You hear more and more people coming to the realization that it will be either the DON or Cruz as the GOP nominee This is something that way back when no one in their right minds did foresee In this last debate you saw a much improved Donald Trump.

 His performance for many was surprising They went at each other pretty good. It was very telling and entertaining After the debate many were talking about the New York values comment made by Cruz It didn't sit too well with yours truly. From many in the Big Apple you heard lots and lots of BOOS I have a suggestion for the Texas Senator. After Trump wins the Presidency Cruz might change his residence. 

To New York he could go Hey, Ted, why not run against Governor Cuomo or Mayor DeBlasio?? Just think of the proper values you could bring to the place that you obvious disdain By the way, Senator, I don't begrudge you trying anything to get a heads up in this campaign Politics is not for the faintherted. It can be rather ruthless. In a campaign those who run use many foils For as the old saying goes: TO THE VICTOR GOES THE SPOILS!!

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