Monday, January 18, 2016



 "The GOP Primary Turning Mean Spirited" 

 As we get closer to the Iowa Caucus the truce between the two is really falling apart You knew it would be a matter of time before this would all start Many foolishly thought that they would join forces at some point But politics is politics. 

Both of them are starting to stink up the joint The Establishment must be salivating at the possibility that they may make some kind of headway. Hey, you never know The hope is that there still might be a chance for Senator Marco Rubio The DON and Ted Cruz are going at each other very hard. The gloves have come off. It's getting really nasty As I knew it would the political adds are replete with such negativity Unfortunately, when you take the 'high road' in a campaign you leave yourself at a disadvantage. 

You don't have to tell this to Trump and Cruz Let the other guy take the low road and pummel you relentlessly then you will surely lose Demonize your opponent and you will see your way to a sure victory You need some proof of that?? Look no further than 2012. Just ask Mitt Romney This GOP primary took a downward turn with the birther issue against Ted Cruz Of course the Senator hit back at Trump with the remark about 'New York Values' Now the race has turned negative. 

It might be heading for the damn gutter Lost in all this are the important issues that confront America. From both the DON and Ted we, the voters, deserve much better!

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