Friday, January 8, 2016

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : The TYRANT never lets a tragedy go to waste.


 The TYRANT never lets a tragedy go to waste.

 It helps him greatly in the radical agenda we see him tirelessly pushing More gun control this DESPOT is seeking. Why not bathe it in shameless theatrics? Let America see him do a little weeping Do it for the children who have perished by acts of gun violence we hear him say as his voice chokes and he pauses to wipe away a tear The camera pans to the families of the victims who stand around the TYRANT. Once again they're used as political pawns. 

To many of us this is very clear He fools no one but the herd of sheep that follow him to wherever he wishes to to them. So easily they are manipulated They're so ignorant and so uninformed and happy as can be in this utopia they see being created But the DESPOT knows that they are millions out there on the verge of a rebellion fearing the Bill of Rights is in jeopardy when all is said and done In an atmosphere such as we have with an overreaching government what is worse than losing your right to own a gun.

The TYRANT perseveres in his quest for this power grab. Nothing he will say will convince us otherwise for it is fear of him that we can rightfully justify Only a fool can fall for this new kind of theatrics he displays. This weeping act no one can truly buy If anyone has the right to resort to tears it is each and everyone one of us who loves our most cherished document, the US Constitution Our a Founding Fathers weep from Heaven Above to see the glorious Constitutional Republic being systematically undone

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