Friday, January 8, 2016



"So You Say You Want Him Impeached!!"

 Calls for the TYRANT's Impeachment are increasing. People are fed up with his overreach Fellow patriots, do you really think that the GOP has the BALLS to impeach?? This DESPOT has been worthy of impeachment since he rammed Obamacare down our throats With the GOP firmly in control of the House they certainly have the votes The TYRANT's abuses are many. 

The Articles of Impeachment could fill up a truck The GOP impeaching our first black President?? Pardon me for saying this but to think that they would you'd have to be a real dumb F**** This is all about race. Let's face it. This TYRANNIZER has it made. He has it both ways He is a MARXIST supreme!! He enjoys taunting us and bring endless malaise This TYRANT abhors this country. He hates it with a passion. 

He truly believes America deserves its comeuppance He brings us to the brink of disaster. What you're seeing now is anger among our people. This DESPOT deserves our defiance Impeachment of this MONSTER will never be. My friends that is a fact The Republicans are so screwed up. They only will impeach a President if he lies under oath about a sex act So nothing will be done about this despicable TYRANT of any real significance We are knee deep in tyranny. 

Why?? Because half the voting public is steeped in and content with their ignorance In our beloved America EVIL has triumphed. It is in the form of this reprehensible and disgusting DESPOT Because the Republicans cower in fear at his presence we are stuck with this rancid, narcissistic piece of S**T!!

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