Thursday, December 3, 2015

Special Patriotic Addition : Freedom I Can't Live without It ....

 I wanted to share this very special article by Rod for you our readers.  It is inspiring. It is motivating and it goes to show what a great patriot and American Rod is. This article should make us all think about the battle that is before us,and think about what Freedom means to each and everyone of us. Enjoy my friends .

 Hello all of you patriotic warriors you have heard of the saying Give me Liberty or Give me Death right? Well I have a very special article written by Rod Eccles in which he asks the question if you had to choose Liberty or Death which would you choose? That statement rings true today because we are in a battle to save this great country from Islam and the liberal dolts. I cannot stress enough what a well written, powerful, and motivating article this truly is and I urge all to read it and share it over and over because it is so powerful. Let us know what you think by commenting below!!

Give me Liberty or Give me Death. Which do you Choose? 

By Rod Eccles

Recently, I have been thinking about life…and death. My father passed away back in August of this year and it has shaken me to my core. It has made me wonder a lot about life and death. My father’s struggle in this life is over. He served his country. He raised a family. He stayed married to the same woman for over 54 years and yet this man, this Vietnam Veteran, this hero, still passed away.

I have wondered since his death if he now has it made because there is no more fighting for his country or his family. He is at peace. But then I wonder is he better off than the rest of us who are still living?

Sure, I believe in Heaven and God and that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. But it makes me wonder if all of this struggle, all of this fighting is worth it in the end since we all will end up in the ground because none of us will make it out of this life alive.

But then I remember all that my father did. He served his nation in the military and he did whatever that nation asked of him. For 21 years, he followed orders, braved and cheated death, and raised a family that was happy, healthy, and safe.

That is what life is all about. It is about the struggles. The battles. The losses. The wins. Even the deaths that we endure. We all think about death. We all think about life. We all wonder if this struggle is worth the fight. Should we just lie down and die and be done with it all?

If my father could come back and answer that question, I know what his one-word answer would be. NO! Yes, life is a struggle. It is a battle and that battle never ends. But it’s a battle we must all wage and it’s a battle we must win.

This life that we live is the foundation of the lives of those who have yet to live. What we do today will determine how those who are yet to live. Will they enter the world free and in full liberty or will they be born into a world of oppression, desolation, and despair?

That is only a choice that the living can make. Those who have gone before us made a decision. We live in freedom and liberty in this country because of what they did before we were born. So I ask you, what are you doing to ensure that what your forefathers gave you is passed down to your posterity?

I am standing in the gap. I am fighting the good fight. I am honoring all of those who came before me by fighting to preserve and improve upon what they left me. I intend to pass on what was passed to me to my posterity. I will not shirk the fight. I will not cower from the battle. I will not hide from anyone who wishes to do me, my family, and my nation harm.

You see, someday I will be laid to rest as my father was. He could leave this life knowing that he did what he could to preserve the freedom that was given and afforded him. He taught me that the fight is always worth it.

None of us are getting out of this life alive. But I have to ask, are you really living or are you just breathing and eating? Yes, there is a difference. If you are just breathing and eating, then you are already dead. Someone once said that most men are dead; it just takes 70 years or so to bury them.

I am not one of them. I choose to live, to fight, to preserve, and to pass down what was given to me. I am alive. I love life. But I will lay down that life to protect the freedom, the liberty, the God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, for my posterity.

If I don’t do that, then I am already dead and that is no way to honor those that came before us. That is no way to honor God Almighty.

That is no way to live. Give me liberty, or give me death.

Liberty is life and Life is Liberty. I choose LIFE.

How about you?

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