Thursday, December 3, 2015


Those Americans who continue to ONLY listen and follow what this White House administration and main stream media tell them, DESPITE the American blood being spilled on our streets by Muslims and illegal immigrants, will one day stand before Jesus who will ask them why they continued to support and elect people who allowed their fellow citizens to be harmed or killed. 

Reason and logic are being buried, and the fool continues to lift up those who are suppose to protect and defend US from all enemies within and abroad and who attack those who try to warn them in truth.

I keep hearing their base repeat the lie, "do not judge the acts of a few on the whole." Well, how many does it take to kill many Americans?  Remember 911? Fort Hood? Boston Bombers? Many more and now CA? And your president and democrats open the borders, invite them in, and tell you its just "widows and orphans?"  HOW MANY MUSLIM WIDOWS AND ORPHANS KILLED THESE AMERICANS?  HOW MANY LITTLE SWEET MEXICAN CHILDREN KILLED AMERICANS?  It only takes a few to kill many and many enemies of America are being let right in among us.

YOUR PRESIDENT KEEPS DOWNPLAYING THEM WHILE AMERICAN BLOOD SPILLS AND RISES.  He tells you climate change is more important.  AMERICAN, all his works lead toward government gaining more and more power over you, and it cares not who gets killed or hurt to advance the gun control agenda and chaos they need to insert more power, AND TELL YOU THEY MUST MOVE FORWARD TO "PROTECT YOU."

This is how evil works. This is deception on a grand scale. This is your government now filled with traitors to the Constitution, law, justice and YOU.  Until the fooled and ignorant open their eyes and ears to the REALITY OF DEATH, DESTRUCTION AND DIVISION exploding the very foundations of this nation at the hands of our own government today, THE ENEMY WITHIN WILL RISE.... and SO TOO WILL THE BLOOD RIVER OF AMERICAN DEAD.  In the face of reality, to dismiss ALL THOSE AMERICANS KILLED and continue to follow those who focus your attention away from it, to put your emotions and focus on their "side-show" diversions, is to aid our destruction and cause great increase in American deaths.

Your traitorous leaders want your guns.  They aren't stopping the madness because they need the chaos to be used to push their deceptive goals.  There is no climate change emergency.  These are manufactured and center-staged-placed diversions.  THEY WANT MORE POWER AND WEALTH AND CONTROL.  THEY MUST TAKE YOUR GUNS FOR THEIR END GOAL TO BECOME REALITY.  They must fool you to enslave you.  With the climate change lie, they promote disaster so you will willingly give them control over water, land, air and all you do with it.  These liars and deceivers are playing the biggest con game on Americans in our history.  PRIDE, GREED AND SELF-ADVANCEMENT FUEL THEM, and your life means nothing as long as they reach their dreams of CHANGE.

Until Americans recognize the danger within and return to a unified voice for freedom and law, these traitors and enemies of America will continue to gain power over us every day.  This next election is paramount for us to remain free and lawful and to be able to bring to justice these traitors who have done so much harm to us and our nation.  We must come together, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, to protect and defend our lives as free, protected Americans, for us now and for future generations of Americans.

May we bow on bended knee and petition the Lord God to have mercy on us, to catch the evil changers in their own traps, and expose them that all would SEE CLEARLY the extent evil is rising all among us under these traitors and deceivers. May God hear our cries and rescue this nation in Jesus name.  May we join together and defend our land.  May we return to holding God above all men and their sinful ways and renounce and reject those whose "fruits" fill our streets with blood and reduce our lives to their rules.  Keep telling the truth and keep in fervent prayer.  May God help us.