Saturday, December 19, 2015



 "Let The Rebellion Commence!!!"

 With big majorities in the House and Senate they act as if they are in the minority Such is the state of this woeful and pathetic bunch of betrayers. This Republican Party Their symbol, the Elephant, has a yellow streak painted on its very thick hide The contempt for this GOP in our beloved country runs very deep and very wide We got rid of one feckless, miserable Speaker of the House for another It is utterly useless to vote for any damn Republican. 

Why even bother?? If you do all they winding up doing is passing the Democrats' disgusting agenda Fellow patriots, what we are seeing is the deliberate undoing of our once great and exceptional America How it angers me to see a political Party continually disregard the wishes of those who elected them into office to stop this increasing radicalism that we see This is political opposition?? Methinks not. 

In destroying the fabric of our society they are complicit as can be The rise of Donald Trump and the other outsiders can be easily explained by the passing of this monstrosity that is the OMNIBUS Bill It was said to be written by four lawmakers and many lobbyists. Oh please let my heart be still Cries of BETRAYAL!! can be heard everywhere but none more than in the cyber world. The postings are many. 

It is written by those who cannot hold their disgust It is for these detestable career politicians who we can no longer trust Shouts of glee and much laughter come from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue The demagogue is very satisfied. He praises Paul Ryan for what he has done. From them both we hear, "America, F**K You!" What is left for this President to do?? 

He senses the outrage that is in our nation Be prepared for Martial Law! Do not discount gun confiscation!! Dark days loom for our country. Both political parties conspire Our situation is oh so perilous. Things have become so very dire!

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