Saturday, December 19, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY Headline : "House Gives Paul Ryan A Standing Ovation!!!"


"House Gives Paul Ryan A Standing Ovation!!!" 

 Hey, Paulie, did you get a thrill going up your treacherous ass hearing that standing ovation that you received? We, on the RIGHT, don't take too kindly to be betrayed and deceived You gave Trump and the other outsiders the best Christmas present they ever have gotten Like rancid Wisconsin cheese you have proved yourself to be utterly rotten You and the rest of the disgusting Establishment will pay the ultimate price.

 It will come from the wrath of the voters. Just wait and see All I can say to you is this...WOE UNTO THE BETRAYERS: THE GOP!! I'm sure you are relishing your moment in the spotlight as you received the praise of Nancy Pelosi and her wretched caucus We will remember what it you did, Paulie.

We will skewer your damn carcass You say that you praise the deal and the bipartisan passage of the bill and its content?? Are you FN kidding me?? You gave them everything and more, you blithering fool. You bowed at the feet of that cretin, Nancy Pelosi Pop the champagne bottles!

 Have a toast with the likes of that rodent, Luis Guittirez and his fellow scum You have made a pact with the Devil. To the wishes of Barack Obama you willing did succumb!!!!


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