Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Can The Donald Trump Pull Us Out Of The Crapper ?


Congress has a 6 % approval rating and these losers walk around like nobody knows it. We can't survive with more of the SOS. One term per termite should be standard operating procedure. There is no one of any value that should be allowed more than one term. Anyone who voted for Obama cost the country 8 years of progress, destroyed the Middle East, helped Iran get the bomb and allowed Putin to recover lost satellite countries. Russia is now the go to country for Mideast governments.

If obama was our enemy he has accomplished more victories against the USA than any enemy could have. He controls both parties who just gave him everything he wanted.
The top doers in the re puppy party Darrell Issa, Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan all look good on TV but nothing happens. Match McConnell voted with 40 democrat senators to allow our flag to be desecrated. They called it freedom of speech but just break the moment of silence rule and shout hallelujah and see what happens. You will be banned from the Air Force Academy. That vote by the way was 40 days before 911 SJR7. You can see my record of it on you tube, Flag Burners of Record ABUTOM.

Today's elected officials have a guild. If you are not a member you can't join. As Trump skyrockets the big rino argument is he has no political experience. You mean he can't fly over flooded areas and take bribes from foreign governments. If you want to know how politics works in the USA ask the princes of Arabia. They probably have a chart of every politician in the USA and a price. Obama likes to bail out failing communist countries and terrorist nations with American tax money that he did not earn.
He has done the biggest nuke deal and signed Israel's death warrant. He has done the biggest drug deal. Wait till you get a load of cuban gold better than cigars.

He is financing Iran's nuclear program. Remember when the mis leaders told us Iran was days away from a nuke? They left out after Obama gets elected. Our intelligence is a failure. Do you want to see the face of American intelligence? Get a look at con grease mouse Peter King. He gets his intel from marvel comics. THE ONLY ENEMY HE EVER DISCOVERED WAS TED CRUZ. All these mis leaders have pre written speeches for failure. Two moslems shot up a Christmas party? Give me my shocked and appalled speech no 27.

All governments are corrupt.. It is up to the people to keep them honest. The best way is to not make their seat too comfortable. One term per termite. One dollar maximum campaign contribution. Whether you are Prince Alwaleed or Joe the plumber. WHAT ARE FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS DOING BUYING POLITICIANS? I know certain countries have prices for work slaves. In GCC countries, they have a chart for how much a nationality can make. So much for an Indian, a Filipino, a Sri lanken, a Brit, an American etc.
Then comes Senators, Congressmen AND PRESIDENTS.

America is on a losing streak and there is only one remedy. It has to be Trump. I don't know if you notice but his intel is pretty good. He knows the competition better than you think. A New York boy drawing big numbers in the South has to be good. Now a story is coming out about a farm family he saved in Georgia years ago.

Look at the democrat side. Stalin had more opponents slated not to win. Not one racial group is questioning why the all inclusive party, that great mosaic has no rainbow.
if this was a chicken banquet, it would be all white meat. Yet not one race card player is peeping. Last DNC convention the democrats kicked God off the party platform. Now they won't let people of color on the stage. Yet the party that gets labeled racist has as candidates. One great African American surgeon, two Latinos, One greek, One Italian lady etc. The communists said Trump won't get the Latino vote or the black vote. Yet latino ladies are saying Hillary Clinton is no abuela (grandmother) African American ladies are opening web sites supporting him. He has not begun to fight.

If he says you can only come in legally that is it. Done and over. If he says Mexico will pay for the wall that is it DAO. If he says we are going to have the strongest military in the world. that means goodbye Obama Czars and military PC commissars. Maybe a pardon for the Ft. Leavenworth 10 WHO WERE TRIED AND CONVICTED FOR HONORING THE OATH TO DEFEND THE U.S.A THAT THEY TOOK.. Pfizer is taking their billions to Ireland to save 12%. The communists say that is unpatriotic. How about stop giving then incentives to leave the country. The sad part about what the fifth column is doing is that you and I have nowhere to go.

If we won't stand up against the Islamo commie party then at least put a gun slinger in power to save the land. It has to be Trump. The only good news we got was gas prices went down. All the government can do is tax you more, fine you more and take more of what you have. Tax junkies have no limit to their appetite. Trump promises jobs, less taxes and more money in your pocket. No community organizer ever created a job.

One of the biggest nightmares Americans are living are the loss of their children to drugs and abortion. The government makes money on both and even sponsors addiction and child murder. No taxpayer should allow their money to go to rehab and democrat chop shops that sell baby eyes. The same people who demand the ten commandments be removed from federal buildings under the pretext of separation of church and snake want the national conscience destroyed. The same people who want the confederate flag removed also want the American flag removed and the cross. When moslems force a reporter to say I'm A Jew and my mother is a Jew and videotape the cutting of his throat you know we are up against evil in it ugliest form. When muslims rape women and slit their throats in a manner so the the blood can be captured in a pan. You know we are up against an evil religion. The word radical is not in the koran. DON'T TRUST THE MEDIA UNLESS IT IS OANN.

When less than one percent of the nation defends the 99% of the nation that refuses to face reality. You know one day the draft will come back quickly with no exemptions.

Our best chance is Trump. He will put the best people in key positions and drain the venom that has poisoned our government. No government agency like the EPA, the IRS, the DOJ, BLM,etc. should become the tool of any political party to be used to punish their enemies. It is time to teach America American history. It is time for Americans to speak English. Instead of Obama phone it should be rosetta stone. It is time to remove boxes from all applications. Check American. Most important is to raise AMERICAS


Let that oil pump, our enemies stump, democrats dump. Just vote for Trump. Viva el Trompo, Vaya con te fiesta..

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