Wednesday, December 30, 2015


America is changing......too many Americans elected leaders who are making the changes. Are you SURE these changes will help us..... or harm us? It is an important question you should contemplate, especially as elections come around.
WHERE DO YOUR BLESSING COME FROM? WHERE IS YOUR ALLEGIANCE? WHO IS YOUR "MASTER?" Are you placing worldly idols above the God of Heaven's Armies? Consequences of wrong choices are real. Real people get hurt. Real people get lost. Will you stand on the Rock of Ages today or the crumbling sinkhole of evil, sinful men and women calling America's change "good?"

Clear eyes and a clear head see and hear the screams of hurting people, the lost souls being devoured, the lawless gaining power over the vulnerable and weakened. Evil is rising with impostors presenting themselves as "good" or for your good. Evil charms, twists, deceives, and uses people it has taken in high positions to fool more and more. If you place a group, a political party, a color of skin, a gender, or your own opinions over THE GOOD OF ALL, OVER JUSTICE FOR ALL, OVER YOUR GOD-GIVEN GIFTS OF FREEDOM FROM RULERS, then you give EVIL power over you and MANY OTHERS. Pride does come before a fall, and the CHANGERS ARE GIVEN POWER by your choices.

Proven evil groups, some described as a "religion" who vow to hurt and kill others, who have proven they mean what they say, whose past history proves they are going to do what they say, ARE BEING ALLOWED INTO AMERICA.... ARE BEING GIVEN THE WELCOME MAT BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. There is a mass influx of evil and our enemies happening now in America, and your government who took an oath to protect and defend this nation, ARE IGNORING THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE, even their oaths taken to God.

Evil lies, Americans. Let in and given power, it only lies more, and as their power grows and your freedoms and rights are removed, they will have to lie to you less and less. And, without your right to bear arms and with their massive armed military and force, they can CUT YOU COMPLETELY OUT AND DO WHATEVER THEY CHOOSE, NO MATTER WHO GETS HURT OR KILLED. You give your allegiance to sinful men and women who fool you with twisted messaging and lie to you to gain power, you will receive the fruits of evil. When you give your allegiance to your Heavenly Father God, and receive the fruits of the Spirit into your heart, and guide your every choice and decision on honoring Him, your consequences are blessings, peace and joy..... THINGS THE FALLEN WORLD CAN NEVER SUSTAIN FOR YOUR SOUL. Fallen men and women forever move among us, forever navigate you away from God, forever deceive, AND ONLY SEEK YOUR DESTRUCTION.
Be very clear about YOUR choices and their consequences. You will "live" them, and you feed good or evil. NOT ONLY WILL YOU BE EFFECTED, BUT YOUR DECISIONS CREATE A GRAND RIPPLE EFFECT THAT COMES TO OTHERS. Do not underestimate evil's power over you, its power to produce a cunning, charming, very convincing message to your soul, right into your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. GOD TELLS YOU TO PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR OF HIM FOR THIS REASON. Who you choose to bow to and place over you produces a life of blessing or destruction. Beware the deceivers. Behold the glory of God!

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