Friday, November 20, 2015



"The Week That Was" 

 We are in the midst of World War III. ISIS has made it so. Our President seems irritable and put upon We really are starting to wonder what side Barack Obama is on He and his fellow radicals continue to be unable to define the enemy Things might be changing. This week Obama has finally declared who they are. It's the Republican Party ISIS slaughters everyone in sight. This savagery is unimaginable and Barack reacts in such a dispassionate way The press conferences he held this past week were astonishing.

 It was quite unbelievable what we heard him say We want our border secure. The GOP speaks for a majority of the country in desiring a halt of the displaced Syrian refugees Obama has a big issue with this. He takes to impugning them in his usual mocking way. A moment he won't let pass. It's an opportunity he must seize He does all this on foreign soil. So unbecoming of any President. It is an unwarranted attack So little time is spent showing his disdain and outrage for the ISIS massacre.

 We still cannot believe he referred to it as a setback To him the GOP is more of a concern than ISIS as unbelievable as this may sound He lets loose his venom. He does not care that he is on foreign ground His rhetoric is always divisive. He is a man who is utterly shallow. A monster truly to be abhorred A first class hypocrite is who he is. 

This is the same man who attacked President Bush for perceived criticism delivered from abroad Senator Cruz and Governor Christie should consider Obama's attacks as a badge of honor. He did not name them directly but it was they he referred to To delve in gutter politics is something Obama has perfected and we always see him do Rules, tradition and decorum do not apply to this divider. 

This man of sleaze This is not the first time this tyrant has attacked the GOP while overseas Of course his political allies refrain from criticizing his attacks. They no doubt welcome it completely The one thing they turn a blind eye to is Barack Obama's HYPOCRISY!!

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