Friday, November 20, 2015



 "The Arrogant, Petulant Tyrant!"

 I carefully wipe my spittle off of the television screen You ask how it got there in the first place? It's my reaction to again watching Obama being utterly obscene After hearing him twice acting so disgustingly following the latest ISIS atrocity I can say without exception this miserable cretin is beyond redemption Every time he opens his mouth he surpasses the garbage we have heard him spew before How he goads us into loathing him. 

Our disdain for him grows more and more The thought that he couldn't give a flying you know what for the safety of America is so horrific. It is so incomprehensible It would pay him the highest of compliments to call him a low life or contemptible How he bows down to the enemies who promise to do us the greatest of harm. It is that to which they are dedicated. The situation for our country is so very dire It is not at ISIS but the Republican Party that this President shows his ire It's the agenda always the agenda for the Leftist radicals. 

They can't get enough of it passed. They couldn't care less if it causes mayhem and disorder They push this President to sign every disgusting Executive Order It's gotten to the point where we cannot take our security for granted anymore This despicable tyrant is adamant about letting potential terrorists through our door His inaction speaks volumes. It is something that should cause each one of us the deepest concern He is a modern day NERO.

 He takes enjoyment in not listening to us. He does it at every turn We have put up with his lawlessness, scandals, abuses but this has reached a level up to now unforeseen His apathy and indifference for the safety of our country borders on the obscene What is of utmost importance to him is to radically change the demographics of this nation To crassly play politics with our personal safety is hellacious! An abomination!! 

There are few options left for the political opposition really has no appetite for this important fight. We all know this to be true This insanity keeps getting worse. His wrath is without question. He must be stopped. In the offing might there be a military coup???

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