Saturday, November 14, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "Barack's Folly" or Behold The Containment Of ISIS!!"


"Barack's Folly" or Behold The Containment Of ISIS!!" 

 The world is thoroughly shaken. The streets of Paris is filled with blood. ISIS has struck Islamic terror rears its ugly head. The jihadists have truly run amok A premeditated act of barbarism had been so carefully planned. ISIS celebrates the rampage. They are determined to kill us all. 

To kill every infidel We are living in a world gone truly insane. It is madness that we see. We are in the midst of a living hell If we don't act in the appropriate way what happened in France can happen here We have a President who refuses to call this what it is. That is so abundantly clear A war has been declared and we refuse to respond in kind.

 The scourge of political correctness is all around It is unconscionable that we have no strategy. It is so damn unwise. So unsound The free flow of refugees from Syria into the European Union can pose a real danger. We can be an easy hit We don't secure our border. We are so exposed. Can we not understand it? So sick am I of politicians telling us we can't control our border, so tired of hearing we can't determine who comes in our country We are a nation of laws.

 We must and have to protect our sovereignty The barbarians would like nothing better than to see American blood spilling in our streets. Let this massacre in France be our wake up call It is insanity to do so very little, to stand idly by as we see civilization fall We see the Jihad machine steamroll on. So determined to increase the killing Are we to do nothing but mouth empty threats?? Our inaction is so utterly appalling!

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