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POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY: 8/13/17/ - CIVIL WAR - Enough Already - Heed His Words

by Joe Esposito


The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”, I pledge my allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, Amen !


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It is a question that we unquestionably must confront. What we witnessed today was behavior that was utterly reprehensible and truly was an affront. The egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence was clearly on display. It took a nanosecond for the TRUMP HATERS to hold our President responsible. It plays to their detestable narrative. Political points override sanity. With these vermin it always is that way.

The not so hidden message is that our President somehow is at fault for what happened in this rally that turned into a tragedy. The disgusting Far Left and the more disgusting media can't help but making us believe that his AMERICA FIRST slogan is all about 'White Supremacy'. Freedom of speech is a precious right that we have in this country. It is something that we truly cherish. It matters not the political point of view. Never shall we tolerate violence of any kind. This is something that we will never do.

Militant protesters on both sides were hell bent on expressing their outrage. Name calling and fistfights were a precursor to some deranged maniac plowing his car through the crowd. The mayhem that it caused would make any deranged extremist proud. Our President rightly condemned the violence that we saw exhibited. But to the hateful Trumpers this was not enough you see. He didn't condemn outright the scourge of 'White Supremacy'.

The race card is what they play. It is what they are all about. Trump cannot please these vultures. It is pointless for him to do. The media will run with what happened in Virginia and surely say that the Trump support comes from people who are racists. They paint us with the biggest brush. That, my fellow patriots, we all know that this is so true. What you will see now will be the Democrats fund raise off this tragedy. They will crucify our President in ways that will make you sick as can be

All of the Far Left lunatics will use this to further their disgusting agenda. They'll happily point out that today is an example of 'Donald Trump's America". Tomorrow what we will witness is a number of Leftists marching the streets in protest. They'll march in solidarity against what the new narrative in trying to stop Trump will be. They can't stop him with the charge of collusion so they'll paint him as trying to further 'White Supremacy!

This is oh so sickening. This is all so utterly vile. Violence did not start in this Trump era. It has been with us for the longest time but in this cyber age it is on steroids with the hucksters of race who are deplorable slime. We can talk all we want about Russia, North Korea, China, Islamic Terrorism. They'll never in their wildest dreams defeat us. Never can they win. The real dangers that we, as a country, face lies between our shores. We will be destroyed, not from without, but from within. A civil war nearly did over a century and half ago. Little did we learn. History shows that this is unfortunately so.

America, get a grip. Take a deep breath and don't let your emotions get the better of you. We desperately do not want to see another Civil War. If there are more tragedies like this it WILL certainly come into full view.


"Enough Already!!!" 

You really can't condemn this Mueller investigation enough. Their resources are limitless and they won't stop till they find something, any damn thing. What we are witnessing is a Special Counsel out of control. It is persecution of the highest order. It is very chilling. They are going through financial records of those in our President's political orbit. Why?? Because they can't find any evidence of collusion. Everything regarding this business is ASS BACKWARDS. The predisposition of this geekish looking modern day Elliot Ness is that Trump or any of his associates have committed a crime and they'll continue till 'hell freezes over' to find evidence of it. This is so utterly outrageous but they will find something that will stick and fit.

It is being reported that his targets face much financial strain but this gang of persecutors couldn't care less. They will hound these people to HOLY HELL to get any kind of confession. To think that we have to go through this not because of any wrongdoing but because a man that the Establishment loathes won an honest election. It is preposterous and truly disgusting to see Mueller do everything he can to prove criminality. These people have absolutely no shame. It's even worse than one could ever imagine when lowlifes in the previous regime that committed acts deserving of long stays in prison.

Trump made a very huge mistake in not following through with what we all wanted to see and that was an honest investigation of Dastardly Hillary. Many said it would be a personal vendetta against someone he beat, saying that it would be unseemly. He agrees and does not pursue it. Now he becomes the object of a vendetta. Can you actually believe all this crap. Can you stomach this shit?? Where are the Republicans in all of this? Why are they silent? This Mueller investigation is becoming more and more of a sham? But this GOP doesn't give a damn. They'll let our President twist slowly in the wind. They should call for a swift end to this utterly shameless investigation. If that fails then this Special Counsel should be fired. That is how it must be. ENOUGH ALREADY of this insanity!!


"Heed His Words!!"

Words from our Commander in Chief like FIRE & FURY in response to threats from North Korea's Kim Jon-Un leaves the mainstream media totally aghast. LOCKED & LOADED irks them as well. They deplore our DON'S bombast. The atmosphere is highly charged. Threats against Guam and our country cannot be taken lightly. Donald Trump certainly is fully aware of this. We are so thankful that we have a person of strength in the Oval Office.

At our President's tactics the political elite and the Establishment react with such scorn and extreme panic. Of course this is what you would suspect. Every damn thing about our President they totally reject. He is a warrior like no other. He is certainly not the type to be pushed around by a two bit dictator. Our DON is saying what needs to be said and will do what has to be done. He is a man of strength. Donald J Trump is a leader.

In times of international crises our nation rallies around our President. The TRUMP HATERS will never do so. They will continue to cause harm to him any way they can. They will leak even to the point of jeopardizing our national security. They hate Trump. They despise this man. But he remains utterly focused. The military under Secretary Mattis is at the ready as is our President who remains very steady. Of course his critics have no hope that he will do what they want. We know what they desire. Give me a break! PLEASE!! Unlike his predecessors our President will never appease.

Every one is on 'pins and needles'. The elitists so fear what our President might resort to. They think of him have the worst instincts. It is their deep seated and ingrained view. Kim has threatened to take down Guam with conventional missile strikes not with weapons that are nuclear. Kim is thoroughly unstable. He is a man who wields much terror. Trump has made it oh so very clear the consequences if Kim goes through with his threat. A red line must not be crossed or we will retaliate. That is a sure bet.

No one has given up on diplomacy. World leaders call for calm and reason. We wait so patiently as Guam prepares for what might very possibly be. For our President the only real and main concern is for our well being and total safety. We pray that these words we have been hearing do not lead to escalation. For in the unlikely event it does only one word comes to mind and that is ANNIHILATION!

Apparently they have not learned their lesson from this election loss. In Congress they apparently are determined to stay in the minority. Need proof?? Their caucus leadership is still in the hands of that brainless twit, Nancy Pelosi. George Soros will still pull the strings more than ever. It is his bidding they will continue to do as they will further move Left and off a cliff they will surely go. It's a death wish they have and their radicalism will soon bury them. Mark my words. This will be so.

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