Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Open Letter To My Friends on :Unfavorite Media ...Facebook


Open Letter to Facebook Users 


To The List Of People Booted off For No Reason

Or A trumped up One, Of There Rules . 

An Open Letter To All Of You Who Belong To Facebook:
The Liberals Are at It Again My Friends 

I am writing this post to explain to everyone how I got reported to facebook,how I was suspended from 1 of 2 accounts I have.My second account was taken away from me completely,with no warning and no reason.Ok, with my main account I was in a political group that I am a member of..The group was infiltrated by a party that should have been in that group.I started to comment in a particular post and found that most people commenting to be,were nasty,insulting and discriminatory.
I made a mild and insignificant comment,with no cursing,just a small trivial insult.After I left that group(that i belong to) I got off my laptop.Upon going back on line the following night,I was able to to log into my account,but couldn't comment,post,like,or add pictures.This came with no warning or reason.I looked in my dashboard and saw the guy in that group reported me and they found my comment to violate facebook rules.

The next day I was able to go back on and use features again.I went to thank group and thanked the guy and called him a wuss.,only to find that he reported me again nad facebook closed my account for 3 days.They say I violated their rules again.When I returned I went to the group again.This time I was scrolling down on a post to find that this guy posted a hateful comment and insults with cursing to someone.I reported it and facebook said it didn't violate their rules,when the comment was worse than mine.I decided to open another account with an anonymous name.

I built it up real good, friends only patriot friends and some of their recommendations. I .Joined a few different groups of different types.I went back into that first group on a post of friends I knew,and started commenting,The trolls eventually showed up on that post and started degrading and insulting all of us,so i made some comments in defense.Well,now I lost that account completely,figuring it was one of those people.

When I log into that account(still),they want me to prove it`s my account,my cell number and my alternate email would not cut it with them I can only log on to that account,only to a security page.What they are doing,is giving me 5 questions.

One at a time,they ,each say identify this picture(who it belongs to,) and they give me 6 different friends for each question,and answer to them who a particular meme or photo of anything,even person not being in the picture.I don't browse through people's photo`s,so how the hell would I know.So far I failed the test 5 times,every time I come back I get different pictures and different friends.

Contacting them twice for answers to taking my account,fell on deaf ears,no response. Just so you all know,Facebook themselves discriminate,and take away your right of freedom of speech,and picking and choosing their victims,with harsh penalties. Please give feedback to me,and also to facebook if you can.This is preposterous.

Thanks for listening.

 John J Wick    



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