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What's on my mind,01/04/17:Facts about Abortion

What's on my mind?
 Facts about Abortion
Tell it like it is: P.L.Sturgis

1) On January 22,1973 the United States Supreme Court legalized abortion through the 9th month!

2) The number of women dying from illegal abortions were 39, That is the whole years total reported by the Federal Agency, US Center for disease and control.

3) In 1973 over 4000 abortions were performed daily.

4) The total of abortions performed from 1973 to 1988 recorded 22 million.

5) Most Americans believe the majority of abortions performed should not be legal, according to the Boston Globe research.

6) A heartbeat, brainwaves, and response to touch are all present in an unborn baby by the 2nd month of pregnancy.

7) In 38 States minors can have an abortion legally without their parents knowledge or consent.( translation: Grandparents own grandchildren can be murdered with no punishment from children with help from US Government and tax money stolen from the very grandparents to unknowingly murder their own grandchildren. )

8)Abortions performed because of rape, incest, or the mother's life in danger are only 1% (Boston Globe 3/31/89)

9) An unborn baby feels pain in the 3rd month of pregnancy. (Dr. and Mrs. C.J. Wilke, Hayes Publishing Co.)

10. There are over 2 million couples waiting to adopt a baby:

Pearl's Poem:

The Iron Curtain of America:

Although it is invisible I know the curtain's there. One Nation Indivisible has somehow ceased to care! 

One Nation that is under God...His Presence unrevealed...Too blinded by the path they trod to let their wounds be healed. Neither do they weep nor mourn. They can not blush for shame! 

They murder citizens unborn! "ABORTED" is their name. They live within a flowered world...The devil's deep disguise! 

They sleep on...with the Flag unfurled. The curtain's closed their eyes. Although it is invisible...I know the curtain's there! One Nation Indivisible...has somehow ceased to care! 1988

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