Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What's on my mind? :Democratic Party are all working in collusion to destroy this nation !!!.

What's on my mind?
The Democratic party

by Bill Sharpe 

Hello to my American  Constitutionalist Friends and Patriots. 

I'm going to write something here and you're going to wonder if I have lost my mind, but bear with me and finish reading to the end. I watched the hearings on Dr. Ben Carson, in particular Elizabeth Warren's interrogation of Dr. Ben Carson's credibility morals and ethics !. 

I have to say I think it's wonderful that Elizabeth Warren and the rest of these communist Democratic Party keeps speaking up the way that they are and trying to create a state of reality that only exist in their minds !. You see my friends a lot of people believe that Barack Obama is the problem in the Democratic Party, but you can see by Elizabeth Warren's questioning of Dr. Ben Carson, that every member of the communist Islamic daemonic Democratic Party are all on the same page.

There is not one of them who is exempt !!! They all share the same contempt for the United States of America, the people of the United States of America, and the Constitution of the United States of America. So when you watch someone like Elizabeth Warren question someone like Dr. Ben Carson's integrity, and morals, it is the equivalent of Charles Manson, questioning the integrity and morals of Jesus !, She has not a leg to stand on!!!

Dr. Ben Carson, has more integrity, more moral integrity then every member in the Democratic Party combined !!!. So I say it's a beautiful thing that people like Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, John Lewis, Elijah Cummings, Dick breath Schumer, Keep exposing themselves to the American people for who they really are, just one large organization of liars and thieves, deceivers of the truth only to Rob everyone around them!!!. Like I've said before, every member of the Obama administration, every individual that he has appointed, and every member of the communist daemonic Islamic Democratic Party are all working in collusion to destroy this nation !!!.

If you are not a constitutionalist, can you really call yourself an American ? Because being an American, is not based on the color of your skin, is not based on the place on the planet you were born, it's based on what's in your heart, and to really know the spirit of freedom and liberty, and to believe in that, which we call the Constitution of the United States of America. And this Is what really defines us as Americans! 

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