Monday, January 16, 2017

National Security Expert Issues Ominous Warning ...

 “Americans Are In the Dark”
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National Security Expert Issues Ominous Warning — “Americans Are In the Dark”

President Obama was in over his head from day one.

That was very clear to any rational and fair-minded observer.

8 years later, there is nowhere on the planet where things are going better now than they were before Obama.

Chaos everywhere.

Not only that, our national security apparatus has been proven vulnerable time and time again.

Now, a respected national security reporter is speaking out and issuing an ominous warning.

From The Daily Caller:

You’d never know it from President Barack Obama or the mainstream media, but America is under attack from its ideological adversaries, says an award-winning national security reporter.

After writing a comprehensive review of Obama’s statecraft, Bill Gertz says ominously, “Americans are in the dark” about the threats we face.

In this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation, Gertz recommends a comprehensive counter-information war and strategy to take on the emerging false narratives coursing through our culture from questionable forces.

“Under the Obama Administration, we had three massive security failures and nothing was done to fix the problems,” citing Bradley Manning’s leak to Wikileaks, Edward Snowden leaks and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured server that caused serious damage. It was only when the election went against the Democrats that Obama decided to rattle Russian President Vladimir Putin’s cage by some public reaction and sanctions.

Asked about Democrats’ “crocodile tears” regarding Russians trying to influence the election when leaked emails revealed George Soros manipulated elections in Europe and Obama’s team worked against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, Gertz believes false narratives are dominating American political culture.

Gertz calls Obama’s national security and foreign policy legacy “disastrous” and compares him to former President Jimmy Carter. The progressive’s postmodern worldview was dangerous as it led the White House to embrace our nation’s adversaries, which made them stronger, and confused our allies, he says.

Not exactly reassuring…

He’s right.

This administration has not been honest with us on national security and they have dropped the ball several times when it comes to keeping us safe.


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