Monday, October 3, 2016

Team Clinton Spray Paint Graffiti On New Trump International Hotel in DC

The Clinton team are up to their old tricks again. The last time they were in a position of power in DC they spray painted the interior of the White House. This time they’re spray painting the brand new historic landmark Trump International Hotel:


(Source) and (Source)

When considering how Bill and Hillary Clinton regard the office of the presidency, a new generation of voters may not even know what they did in 2000:

♦ writing vulgar messages on the White House office walls, ♦ destroying furniture, ♦ slicing chair cushions, ♦ ripping phones out of walls, ♦ removing the historic antique door knobs, ♦ cutting all the electronic cabling ♦ stealing items (lots of stuff), ♦ switching around the fax machines and location addressed telephones, ♦ gluing desk drawers closed, ♦ carving into desk tops ♦ removing the “w” key from all the computer keyboards, ♦ spray painting the walls, and much worse.

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