Wednesday, October 12, 2016

LEAKED EMAIL: Clinton Team Bashes 'Backward' Catholics

Hillary Clinton - the Queen of Corruption!

from Terry Noble
Voices for Life

Conservative Catholics have been on the forefront of fighting the ungodly culture of abortion and traditional family values for years. This is an attack not only Catholics, but also Evangelicals, and conservative Jews who hold to the eternal truths in the Bible. We are in a spiritual war for the soul of our nation. A war between good and evil.

Clinton’s worldview is clear. Open borders, one world government, abortion on demand, taxpayer funded abortion, and removing every vestige of God’s truth from society. In essence, they will make themselves god in a socialist utopia. Millions have died when tyrants rule to enforce their godless ideology. Those who hold to these evil ideologies are not fighting their fellow man, but their Creator.

Read the article posted on The Sean Hannity Show's website to see what the Queen of Corruption thinks about Christians, especially, Catholics and Evangelicals by clicking here 

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