Saturday, August 13, 2016


What's on my mind?

Day 17
by Joseph Beverly

Someone tonight made a comment on Facebook " Can some of you Trump Supporters tell me why I should vote for Donald Trump over Hillary ? Now if that alone does not show you he might not be the brightest Bulb in the Pack. He then said " Whats the difference in the two if them ? Now I am going to pledge this to you all right now. Each and every day from this day forward I am going to post comment each and every day on that answer for ll those not intelligent enough to know why they should support Donald Trump along with a Republican Majority in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Tonight's food for thought will be short and brief. I want you all to think real hard about this. Can we agree that what plays a huge role in a successful administration is the qualifications of those appointed to key positions . The Clinton Campaign , the Democratic Party , along with their willing accomplices in the Liberal News media keep beating the drum that our next President Donald Trump does not as they say have the temperament to be in charge of our National Security .

Now I make no apologies for my bluntness. I never worry about winning the popularity contest. But in my eyes after the last eight years of the disastrous National Security policies of the current Temporary occupant in the White House, then I factor in the fact that Hillary Clinton was his Secretary of State for the first four years anyone with even a minuet amount of brain cells must realize she is as responsible as he for the increased threats we now face due to their incompetency . Seriously now after her record which we know was a complete Epic Failure as Secretary of State do you really trust her to appoint the next secretary of State, Sorry but to me the thought of that is frightening.

We all have watched this Administration as well as Hillary Clinton not only disregard the laws of our land but in several cases break the laws of our land and because of the two Partisan Attorney Generals that have been appointed by the current Temporary Occupant them being Eric Holder, and currently Loretta Lynch we have watched the laws of our land simply not apply to the likes of Hillary Clinton and so many others. Think back these people actually illegally used the Internal Revenue Service to not just intimidate but in some cases to destroy the lives of those that speak out against them.

I could get into the radical appointees of agencies such as the EPA and countless others . , But is it really necessary

In my opinion those that support Hillary Clinton along with those that refuse to support the only candidate that has a chance to defeat her Donald J Trump In my eyes you are lacking brain cells or you are complicit in supporting the destruction of our country along with the Constitutional Freedoms so many have fought died for .

Joseph Beverly

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As much as I appreciate your efforts to get people out to vote, I have to admit that even though I WILL be voting, and I myself am a certified election judge here in Wyoming (Yes, I feel like I am wasting my time), I don't think that we the people actually elect our officials in government anymore and actually haven't for decades. I believe that the UN and scumbag world elites are actually running this country along with all of the other industrialized countries and they appoint whomever they see fit to help them accomplish their One World Government agenda. I will never believe that the last three thugs that sat in the now white mosque were fairly elected by we the people, we can be pretty stupid, but I'm not so sure we are THAT stupid to put that trash in charge of our country and our lives, especially when it came to re-electing each of them! Yes, the uninformed voters are a big problem, but that is the least of our problems, we have been invaded from within by the muslim brotherhood at the highest level and we are now being governed by muslims, it's just a matter of time (soon!) that we are all going to be living under sharia law if bo and the rest of his muslim thug buddies get their way, and they will because people are not educating themselves as to the dangers that that ideology presents. We have got to get back to GOD and start getting rid of the muslim invasion of our once great country or it will soon cease to exist, yes I truly believe that! I'm sure plenty of people here are going to pound me with insults and names and threats or whatever, but I don't care, the truth has got to be said and people had better wake up to it, or face a very terrifying and deadly future!

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