Sunday, July 10, 2016


IT'S NOT GUN VIOLENCE. IT'S PEOPLE VIOLENCE. It is the person, the individual's OWN choice to do good or do harm. It is not skin color. IT IS THE CONTENT OF CHARACTER REVEALED IN THEIR CHOICES AND INTENT OF HEART.

Don't miss this in the fueling voices of hate today ADDING TO divide, hate, anger, revenge, and the hurt and harm and death to others .....citizen against citizen. When people follow the voices of troublemakers, THEN TROUBLE WILL BE THE HARVEST. When citizens do not reject the voices of troublemakers, especially leaders, the reaping will be hurt, the reaping will be blood, the reaping will be crying and mourning. 

Feeding guilt to white people as a group, labeling all haters because their skin color is white is the VERY THING THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT AND MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. SPOKE OF AS WRONG.... MLK, Jr. lost his life trying to promote CONTENT OF CHARACTER OVER SKIN COLOR. And these black troublemakers today and leaders today spit on his grave every day as they ignore his work, words, and dishonor his message for love and individual accountability, REGARDLESS OF COLOR. 

If you are supporting leaders today whose words defy peace and love and for all, whose words speak of color of skin instead of choices, THEN THEY ARE TROUBLEMAKERS. Troublemakers get others hurt or killed. America is being divided, not united, as Obama promised he would do. This is fact. Don't focus on the traps of white guilt. 

God's plan was not to have people go to a mailbox and have the government take care of them, make them dependent, lazy and sluggards. God's plan does not include supporting voices that cause trouble and influence people to hurt others in words or acts. God's plan is not to choose favorites but hold each individual responsible for their own choices. God's plan is for His children to love, to forgive, to resolve, to aid, to rebuke and even to reject those who cause trouble among others. 

For a president who used a TV program to PROFESS JESUS AS SAVIOR, we see his fruits clearly now after nearly 8 years.... his own and those of his words as a leader. The promised uniter and professing Christian for Jesus is a false light and a hypocrite. IF YOU DON'T ACCEPT THIS, THEN YOU ARE REJECTING TRUTH LAID BARE BEFORE YOU THE LAST 7+ YEARS. 

If you are rejecting truth, you are allowing Satan to have you, place the scales on your eyes and only let you hear what your "itching ears" want to hear. GOD'S WORD, NOT MINE. GOD'S WARNINGS. Do not ignore the prince of this earth and all those he has taken in America, all those who have lied their way into power PROMISING good but whose fruits rise high and clear in front of you, FRUITS OF HATE AND DIVIDE AND DESTRUCTION AND DEATH. 

God says YOU will be accountable not only for your own choices, but if you see something is wrong yet continue to support it, or say nothing about it and by these choices PEOPLE GET HURT OR KILLED, YOU, TOO, ARE ACCOUNTABLE. 

Do you put people above God? Is their opinion of you more important than God's opinion of you? Is your pride so engrained that to admit your mistakes or wrong choices would expose your error of choice to yourself or others... and having others know your mistakes takes precedent over people getting hurt or killed because you continue to support it in pride ??? 

If your FIRST RESPONSE in hearing God's Word and warnings to you is to be DEFENSIVE, there is your first evidence of Satan's claws around your heart and mind. HE'LL NOT HAVE YOU MAKE A SELF EXAMINATION BASED ON WHAT GOD SAYS. He'll not want you to "Be still and know that I am God" in your thoughts and minds. He'll not want you to hear Jesus' words: "let those with ears hear and eyes see." You going to believe the devil today or stand firm in the Words and warnings and way of the Lord? DOES IT MATTER TO YOU WHAT GOD THINKS TODAY? HOW ABOUT WHEN YOU WILL BE STANDING BEFORE HIS THRONE FOR JUDGEMENT DAY? HOW ABOUT THEN?  The time is NOW before it is too late for lives on earth now and those on judgment day to STAND BEFORE JESUS, filter your life through his Word, confess your sins, release the devil's hold of you if he has your heart and mind, AND BE SET *"FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY FREE AT LAST. " *MLK, JR. Those people of any color choosing to divide, hurt, lie to, harm or deceive others are SLAVES TO SATAN.  May God shine His light of truth and love on the lost and bring them home to freedom... FREEDOM IN THE LOVE OF THE LORD OVER ALL. Let the name of the Lord rise over all and be praised over all.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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