Saturday, January 23, 2016



"The Fight Goes On!" 

 He's been called nativist, xenophobic and profane. The name calling continues. It intensifies They will not silence him one bit. Of course this is something they cannot realize The comparisons to the DON are many and most unflattering for his enemies see him as one who engages in nothing but demagoguing There are those who see him as a Mussolini and some he is the second coming of Adolph Hitler They make him appear to be worse than the jihadists we fear. He is seen as a holy terror We are an angry people. An angry citizenry in so many ways. We have totally been ill served In two separate off year elections we gave the GOP control of Congress. They have not done what we elected them to do. The power we gave them proved not to be deserved The Republican Party does not speak for us. They are in control of the kingmakers. That is so obvious to see. Again what we are experiencing goes beyond conservative ideology. This is all about insergency And what is driving all this is the Donald Trump candidacy Say what you will of Donald Trump but one thing is clear and that is he's resilient as can be He has tapped into an anger that is palpable but many are suspicious of his motive There are those who insist he is a fake. They are convinced that the DON's not conservative No matter. It is change that we, the people, want. We have become a besieged nation First and foremost what many want to see is us confront the issue of illegal immigration We are tired of the do nothing politicians. These career pols who accumulate more and more power. It's the same old tiring S**T It is in a Donald Trump that we see one who will accomplish what we want. He has a 'can do' spirit The naysayers cannot be convinced and that is quite obvious that we surely know But what we cannot have any more and that is no more of this insidious status quo

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