Tuesday, January 5, 2016

""BLAH..... BLAH...... BLAH..... Gimme your guns!!!!" Says Obama

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     Obama and his gun agenda is a huge waste of time. Its like if we compared his Presidency to a horrible reality show that was about to be cancelled after one episode and they introduce a new character that no one cares about. His action laid out on an attack to protect America from the "EVIL GUNS" brought only one possible good aspect and that is the job creation for the FBI to do more criminal background checks. Yay for more jobs right! finally created some jobs in his 7 years of attempting to destroying the constitution.

  Contrary to the left wing dragon Succubus known as President Obama, When you purchase a gun "online at dem dare intranet siiites" you have to pass a background check to purchase a firearm. Then its transfered to a local FFL or Authorized Dealer to complete the transfer for the weapon purchase. Now I agree that when purchasing a weapon you should go through a background check. But these laws actually need enforced not just pass another law that will not have the manpower of the support structure to enforce other than a one off scenario.

  Lets talk common sense, just like the President asked for today. Lets explain quite simply and in Black and White.......... " Criminals ....." Now this is the important part........"DO NOT ........OBEY.....LAWS........OR GUN LAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

 Explaining this to Liberals, and Democrats and the Obama Administration is like trying to read Dr Seuss upside down, and backwards through a foggy sheet of scratched up plexi-glass from 100 yards away while being blindfolded. It is in one ear and out the other and all they want to do is make it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase a gun. More hoops to jump through and over and does nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining weapons and preventing anyone from being shot by a gun.

What does that, is enforcing current gun laws and committing funds to local and federal authorities to arrest criminals, prosecute them and get them off the streets which removes that person from all opportunities to obtain a gun illegally and harm some one else. How about we look into the effects of harmful mnd altering drugs created by the Pharmaceutical companies that are given to people who may be seeing counselors or psychiatrists. How about we investigate the FDA and evaluate all these agencies deemed to protect us and make damn sure they do what they are supposed to do then creating people who are hooked on these prescribed drugs that commit horrendous acts of violence.

   There needs to be a comprehensive overhaul of all government agencies  to ensure they are working for America and not businesses or drug companies and go back to protecting the consumer.  This is just some ways to get America back on track and back in the hands of the American Citizens.


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