Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bill Maher: Islam Will Cost Democrats the Election

Nine times out of ten, listening to Bill Maher is about as much fun as getting a tooth drilled. But that tenth time…well, it gives you a little bit of hope for humanity. When Maher focuses on Islam and its compatibility with Western values, he hits the mark.

“The idea that when Syrian refugees come to European countries or America that they are going to fit in is a fantasy,” Maher said on his HBO program Friday night. He said that anyone who thought we could make people “who are not like us” embrace our cultural values was mistaken. “We saw this, just recently, in Cologne, Germany. When all the Syrian refugees were going to Europe, I wasn’t for it, and I think a lot of people are coming around to that position.”

Maher was referring to the shocking events of New Years’ Eve, when hundreds of German women were the victims of sexual assault. After the local government tried to cover it up, it emerged that many of the perpetrators were of North African origin. This put the spotlight on Chancellor Angela Merkel and her dedication to open Germany up to an endless flood of Syrian refugees.

Maher said that this issue was going to put Donald Trump in the White House if Democrats weren’t careful. “This is the one issue the Democrats are going to lose the election on,” he said.

Maher invariably gets attacked every time he says something controversial about Muslims. Liberals have cast their lot with Islam, seemingly for no other reason than that it gives them something else to fight conservatives on. They don’t like to see dissension in the ranks, so any liberal who goes against the family must be scorned.

Regardless, Maher is right when he talks about Islam’s compatibility with Western values. Even moderate Muslims believe that women should be subservient to men, that apostasy is a sin deserving of the death penalty, and that Western values are antithetical to the teachings of the Quran. They aren’t going to conform. They won’t assimilate. But if recent history tells us anything, it’s that they aren’t going to just quietly keep to themselves, either. No, they want their host countries to conform to them. Some of them, inevitably, will be radicalized.

It may be incumbent upon the richest countries in the world to provide humanitarian aid to these suffering Syrians. But if it’s a choice between letting them figure it out on their own and destroying our own civilization, that’s really no choice at all.

Source: Unfiltered Patriot

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