Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Good Morning/Afternoon Patriots and friends,

 And to all members of mankind, there is a war Taking place on earth today. It has been taking place since Mankind and life first appeared on this planet.
This war encompasses, humans who are infected with a zombie-like virus, where it makes a particular group of humans think and believe all in the same way, one of the indicators of this virus, is that these human zombie-like people have a tendency to all look alike they are clones, and what I mean by that, is that if you notice certain species of animals that have been genetically modified, they all resemble one another, another example of cloning in nature would be schools of fish, or flocks of birds, or other types of animals all resemble one another, with very little variation in their DNA. 

There are people in the world who were trying to inform the human race of this situation, but because of the fear that they have in the knowledge that they possess they cannot come right out and tell you these things, so they write stories and make movies, Under the camouflage of science fiction, they also do this because this truth is so shocking that it's very difficult for a average human being to accept this truth. 

A lot of people in this world would rather believe the truth is Science Fiction, because they're comfortable living in the world they live in, but unfortunately truth is reality and knowledge, and eventually everyone has to confront that reality. I'm sure a lot of you are probably thinking to yourself right now , that this guy's probably off his Meds or you need some medication, I can assure you that I am not under the influence of anything intoxicating, those of you who can understand ,you need to really think about this, because your life and all of our lives Are in a life-and-death battle for survival, no different than the life and death battles that biologically take place inside your body today. those of us who are not clones or zombies unfortunately, this is a reality that the world, the human race must face an address if we are going to survive !!! 
         by Bill Sharpe

Bill Sharpe
There is only two reasons, that someone would want to come to the United States to live, one is that they appreciate and understand the value of freedom, and they seek to be an American. Two they're coming here to destroy this country, and people who escaped other countries who want to be free.

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