Sunday, December 27, 2015



"Out With The Old And In With The New!"

 2015 is drawing to a close. We are a few days away from its end. It is something we all look forward to see This year has really been bleak. So many mass shootings and terror attacks have weighed on us so heavily The terror attack in Paris shocked the world. The atrocities perpetrated by ISIS show us the utter evil that must be confronted. This Islamic group must be decimated. 

It must be destroyed Unfortunately we still do not see a comprehensive strategy from our President being employed The economy is sputtering along. The labor force keeps shrinking. It is at its lowest since the 1970's. Millions of people are still looking for work. The unemployment among the young has steadily grown So many college graduates need to find a job. They have no way to pay back a college loan The stock market grows ever higher. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We see the middle class shrinking. This year it has proved particularly so People are losing confidence in just about everything.

 We see their disillusionment just grow and grow Most thought when we elected our first black President he would somehow heal the racial divide and that he could bring us all together. Such has not been the case In this Barack Obama fails miserably. He seems to fuel the fires of racism. There is little comity between black and white. It's been a total disgrace This year more than ever we have seem domestic wars break out. They just seem to be never ceasing None has caused more of a stir than the criticism leveled at law enforcement and the ways of policing Demonstrations broke out at various times during this year.

 The race hucksters took charge. We saw violence erupting like never before Hatred was firmly on display. Miscreants were out and about. There was no respect for the law This President continued his overreach with Executive Orders being issued. The scope of each astounds our beleaguered nation But none so ever hideous and breathtaking than his blatant moves on the issue of our time, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION 2015 saw the cowardice of the Republican Party. It shirked from its responsibility of being a strong political opposition. Again and again it ignored the people's will With a new Speaker of the House we saw the passing of the horrific OMNIBUS Bill The 2016 political campaign started in earnest.

 The GOP and Democratic Primaries were off and running The rise of the outsider took everyone by surprise. The emergence of one, Donald Trump, proved stunning This year the politics of personal destruction reared its ugly head. All you needed to do is hear the vitriol by the media and Establishment hurled at Mr. Trump It really has amounted to nothing. Every time he gets attacked we see in the polls he gets a bump Hillary is the presumptive nominee for the Democrats. 

No one honestly thinks she can be caught even though her candidacy does not get many excited She is so damn scandal ridden. Don't be too surprised if she winds up getting indicted We've been inundated with poll after poll. It's just never ending. It can make your head just spin and spin I think we have had quite enough. Please, dear Lord, can we have the voting begin?? This year the talking heads on cable annoyed us like no other time in recent memory They really know nothing. How many months now have they predicted the demise of Donald Trump's candidacy?? 

2016 will be the end of this wretched presidency. His time in office has been interminable Never have we loathed a President like this. He has been beyond reprehensible Long valued institutions have been beaten down. Our fabric of society is in tatters. This has all been done by one man and his radical regime What we have seen is so damn unsettling. It is truly living a nightmarish dream At this time of the year we pause and reflect at what has happened and what is to come Next year we will once again be asked for our vote.

 Promises will be made by those running and not kept. They think of us as being so very dumb Methinks this time things will be different. A severe voter backlash I see coming. It is reflected in poll after poll. It's discounted by the media, the chattering class and their brethren We are sick of seeing our country in a deep morass. It's time to make America great again!!


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