Tuesday, November 10, 2015



 "Debate Night" 

 The GOP candidates are getting ready for debate number four The DON exudes confidence. We imagine that Rubio is sweating from every pore Carson is holding steady. He has been suffering from a relentless media attack Hey, Ben, that's what Republicans get from the mainstream press and don't forget you're also black Ted Cruz is the most comfortable for he has the mastery of the issues. He's articulate, so very well spoken. 

He and Trump the Far Left revile And of course Carly Fiorina will be there. The big question is 'will she crack a smile??' The Libertarian point of view will be represented by the inconsequential Senator Rand Paul And for a laugh there will be Jeb Bush. He will try to see how much further he can fall And John Kasich, the simpering, whimpering RINO will be slobbering as can be. 

At our hearts he will no doubt tuck I wonder if many who will be watching tonight will notice there's no Chris Christie or no Huck The moderators for this debate will be agenda free. There'll be no John Harwood or Megyn Kelly The DON will breathe a sigh of relief for those two have caused him to get as pissed as can be The FOX Business Network hosts this debate. Will it be balanced? 

Will it be fair?? Who the hell knows?? But they'll have Donald Trump so you know it'll get a huge audience share! Keep in mind that out of this bunch will be our next President. That is a certainty For they'll be no Clinton in our White House. It's going to be prison for dastardly Hillary!!

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