Sunday, November 29, 2015



 "'Water Boy' Thirsting For Power" 

 Marco appeases his 'corporate donors' in every way he possibly can Yes, this Marco Rubio is a most untrustworthy man His deceit is becoming well documented since he won as a Tea Partner Yes, he is a 'snake in the grass'. That, fellow patriots, is what I keep telling ya He is a most a most ambition politician. He is trying to move up too fast So trying is he to become the Establishment's darling but how long will that last? 

He tries very hard to connect with the common folk. His humble beginnings he has so often conveyed How many times must we hear his father was a bartender and his mother a maid? I guess that is a good counterpoint and contrast to the wealth of the DON's mom and dad This Marco is quite slick, well spoken, a very untrustworthy conniving lad His stance on amnesty is the biggest hurdle that Senator Rubio must overcome Stop with your double talk, Marco! Do you really think we are that dumb?? 

 He tries to come across as tough on the issue of national security But after the Paris massacre a plummet in his poll numbers is what we did see There is something about Rubio that is troubling. Might it be that he lacks a core? When it comes to steadfastness with Conservative principles he fails miserably on that score With Jeb Bush going absolutely nowhere it will be Marco Rubio that the elites will have to turn. 

Where else can they go? Into Marco's coffers we will see plenty of cash. Lots and lots of dough This GOP primary started with sixteen and will come down to three, Marco, Trump and Cruz Don't bet on Rubio. I'm telling you that he is going to lose!!

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