Monday, November 16, 2015

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : Hollande vs Obama or "Time For Payback Not Denial"


 Hollande vs Obama or "Time For Payback Not Denial"

 The world is still shaken from the massacre in France. It fills everyone with such disgust Into the heart of a very Liberal Europe we see a dagger being thrust ISIS celebrates the utter carnage they have created. On social media their joy is apparent for all to see They promise the same for us. 

They say they will strike Washington DC From Francois Hollande we hear the words, "WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED!!" It is something we'll never hear from Barack. For anything Muslim he has enduring love From the President of France our President has been made a complete fool of It is beyond anything surreal that he has made Obama look like a total amateur You'll never hear from the lips of our pathetic Commander in Chief the words, WAR ON TERROR No. No. That will never be. He is stubborn, insufferable narcissistic fool.

 There is fourteen months till the end of his Presidency We hold our breath. There is fear and trepidation from shore to shore. We are so concerned for our safety Hollande shows his strength to the world. He vows to pound ISIS into submission And Obama continues to do as little as humanly possible. He is content to be the object of scorn and derision Words come easy to Obama. He expresses his deep concern and expresses solidarity with France. How comforting! But where is his anger?? Where is his rage??

 We are so embarrassed and equally incensed at how he represents our beloved country on the world stage There are times like this when I am just as upset and disgusted with the Republican Party for not impeaching this monster long ago His acts of abuse and lawlessness can fit volumes. Let the record show Who will follow this cretin months from now??

 It must not be a Democrat. In God's Name it cannot and must not be Hillary There is only one place for that miserable wretch and that is in a penitentiary A WARRIOR PRESIDENT is needed. One who will fight for our survival and be a Commander in Chief. There is no time to lose I say it again and again. It must be either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz!!

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