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Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 8 “Bicentennial Years”, Bite #21,The Nature of the beast

Global Strong Cities Cold War, 
Series #8 
“Bicentennial Years”

Highlights submitted by Pearl L. Sturgis 1976 :
“Bicentennial Years” 
American Public School Textbooks :

Citizens Commission of Human Rights International, 6362 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite B, Los Angeles, California 90028 , PH#1 800 869 2247 or 213 467 4242 

Daily Bites of Global Strong Citizens Cold War: Series 8“ 
“Bicentennial Years” 
American Public School Textbooks :

  Harvard 1635 motto: Motto of Harvard University when it was founded in 1635. To be plainly instructed and consider well that the main end of your life is to know God and Jesus Christ when it was founded with the seal that has inscription that reads CHRISTO ET ECCLESIA.
Daily Bites of Citizens Commission of Human Rights International


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To be plainly instructed and consider well that the main end of your life is to know God and Jesus Christ when it was founded with the seal that has inscription that reads CHRISTO ET ECCLESIA. Series 8 Bicentennial Years: 

Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 8 
“Bicentennial Years” 
Bite #21,The Nature of the beast:
Senator George V. Hansen: “To Harass our People”

Having witnessed true and verified stories of a few of the victims of the Internal Revenue Service and having seen the design of the operations we can now draw some general conclusions about the nature of the Beast known as the IRS. Their procedures are set up to intimidate and harass, and to drive individuals and businesses into bankruptcy. The IRS admits this is the most efficient way to collect taxes. 

Ruthlessness is the most important character trait for an up and coming bureaucrat. the internal Revenue Service feels that the most unmerciful tax collector is the best tax collector. The IRS goes to great lengths to prevent the taxpayer from seeking redress outside of the agency because the IRS can seize property, confiscate records, and levy bank accounts, all without accusing the taxpayer of a crime. The IRS tries not to allow the taxpayer to move outside of IRS civil procedures. 

The IRS, in its own bureaucratic sphere, can arrange and convict the taxpayer while acting as judge, jury and prosecution, but has no unit charged with handling taxpayers complaints. The IRS goes to great lengths to hide its abuse from the public. It does this by ruining the careers of elected officials who try to expose IRS atrocities. In addition, the IRS either destroys documents that would prove its pettiness, or keep them in files which are not accessible to the public. When they are caught in the act they claim it is just a “fluke” ( a once in a life time goof-up) They apologize and then repeat the same thing over and over.

In 1976 IRS officials announced they had stopped making lists of tax protesters in 1974. Then in 1978 IRS said 1976 was the last year. In 1980 the IRS claimed they had ended the practice in 1978. In fact, the oppressive tactics are getting worse and worse. The IRS is on a rampage and is determined that nothing will stand in its way. When I, Senator Hansen, recently asked an IRS source about the current status of the violence lists here is the answer I received: 

“The taxpayer protest lists are super secret and I’ve only seen one. The main lists are kept by a criminal investigation official but one list we saw was in March 1980 and we did not get a copy. It has about 200 pages and is kept under lock and key.” ---- In 1975 there were only 25 names and only 3 pages so the Internal Revenue Service is obviously achieving its goal of alienation the public! 

(to be continued) ....

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(To be continued )
Global Strong Cities Cold War series 8
“Bicentennial Years” 
American Public School Textbooks :

Daily Bites of Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 8: “Bicentennial Years”American Public School Textbooks Highlights submitted by Pearl L. Sturgis:

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To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold War,series #8  
 Bicentennial Years:

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