Thursday, April 27, 2017

Open letter to Donald J Trump President of the United States Of America.

This is an open letter to Donald J Trump president of the United States of America.

Dear MR. president, the Democratic Party is trying to legislate from the bench by federal court challenges ! It should be quite obvious to you by now that they, the Communist Democratic Party are trying to legislate a political coup against your authority and powers delegated to you by the Constitution, and the people of the United States of America !.

You should order your federal agents to take into custody these federal judges who are interfering with National Security, they are not authorized OR given the power by the 

Constitution to act in this matter,and it should be considered considered a political coup against your legitimate presidency. 

They are acting outside their authority and power allotted to them by the people and the Constitution of the United States of America, and are working for outside interest other than the United States and the Constitution, and should be treated as traders and/or spies undermining the authority of the presidency and the people of the United States of America !!! 

Under the Constitution of the United States of America Congress has the only authority to write laws within the boundaries of the United States of America !!!

 Bill Sharpe

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Joe Sanchez

Folks I am livid, I wrote a reply on this a while ago and my computer will not post anything, so I'm trying again, these bastards I have been saying for four years that these are the traitors who have been aiding and abetting everyone from Barry O-vomit on down involved with the current Democrats. 

The Bastard in the middle with the look of something up his rear is Schumer, and he is the one who has been leading the Communist Democrats in this criminal act of sabotage against we the people and America. We must now come together and go to Washington by the Millions and demand these bastards who have been attacking our president from within must go, and if it means taking off work to camp out in D.C. for as long as it takes we must do it now.

Our Constitution gives US the right to seat a new government, if we determine the present government is corrupt and not doing the will of the people. We need five Million people to gather at the door steps of Congress and Demand All Democrats be removed, along with the GOP members who are complicit, with the Democrats in aiding and abetting the phony and illegal Barry O-vomit for the purpose of overthrowing our government. 

This is as Serious as serious can get and I need your help by sharing this, to as many people as possible, today and everyday for a month if necessary, so we can organize and get these people arrested for crimes against We the People and our government. Please I need your help, Conservative Allies/Patriots

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