Thursday, April 27, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: With Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson - Is Trump Betraying America ?

There is a problem with Loyalty with Trump, even though he is doing good things for us.

I am watching Alex Jones with Paul Watson
very good video now

There are alot of serious concerns .
McMaster and Pompeo are not good

politically informed.

Trumps daughter has been on the today show and says it needs to be part of the discussion to open border for Syrian Refugees and we know that they are Jihaists and part of the invaders

either Ivanka is a naive bleeding heart liberal or she is a Globalist. but she hangs out with Angela merkel .
there is a problem there.

also Christine LaGarde she hangs with and writing articles with the Financial times, this is a betrayal, We elected Trump not a better looking Hillary clinton.

If you go to the page THE KIDS ARE ALT RIGHT VI. you will see the Ivana posts from the interviews.
there is a push to help the Saudis and we do not support that.
trump has his daughter and kushner pushing globalism now. 


DID THEY FINALLY get to Trump ? 
what is going on. has he sold out?

we are starting OPERATION TOTAL RECALL/IMPEACHMENT. I hope you can help promote the draining of the swamp via these means. THEY NEED TO KNOW WE ARE COMING AFTER THEM AND THAT THEY MUST GO. the ones who have broken the law and their oath, which is many in DC and around the 50 states

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