Saturday, February 4, 2017

The End of “The Resistance....

” Democrats Have NO Power in D.C.

 The End of “The Resistance” Democrats Have NO Power in D.C.

Democrats are trying to flex what little muscle they can by boycotting confirmation hearings, refusing to work on Obamacare and chattering about a SCOTUS filibuster.

However, “The Resistance” is futile.

Democrats can throw whatever they like at President Trump, the truth of the matter is they have virtually zero power in Washington.

From CNN

Democrats are spending the opening weeks of the Trump administration trying to flex their muscle any way they can — boycotting confirmation hearings, refusing to work with Republicans on Obamacare and pondering a filibuster of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick.
But as Democrats throw every procedural hurdle they can think of at Trump, they’re facing a bleak reality: they have virtually no power in Washington.
The party has no clear successor to Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton who can speak with one voice for the party. And there is no consensus yet on a strategy to thwart Trump’s legislative agenda — or even how to prioritize the issues they plan to challenge him on.
There’s one thing giving them comfort: Trump himself. The President’s initial actions in office have been so breathtaking in their scope and breadth that frustrated Democrats say their base is galvanized in ways they haven’t seen in a long time. That could make it easier for Democratic groups to gear up for a more forceful effort to sway the balance of power in 2018 and 2020.
Hilary Rosen, a Democratic strategist and CNN contributor, said there was lull after the November election, in part because many Democrats were legitimately shocked at Trump’s win. At that time, Democratic congressional leaders were still debating whether it was more advantageous to try to work with the President on some areas, rather than to risk appearing obstructionist by trying to block him at every turn.
But they were emboldened, Rosen said, not only by their early success in stalling Trump’s vow to immediately repeal Obama’s health care law, but also by the unexpected energy of the crowds at women's’ marches last month and the protests against the immigration ban around the country.
“It underscored that there was a large community of dissenters out there — it came from the ground up and the leadership sort of jumped on top of it,” Rosen said.
The final straw, she said, was Trump’s hastily announced travel ban, which was criticized as a religious test.
“It cemented the left’s view that we are not going to work with this guy — the idea that this is not going to be someone we can appease; who we can compromise with. The base won’t allow it,” Rosen said. “I think what we’ve seen is the left and the center left kind of merge. … There’s not going to be any tolerance for the middle ground.”


Letty Bromenschenkel

No matter how violent, evil or vile they get :::
they will have zero power for 4 or 8 years and still have zero power in 33 states. :::

in desperation they are now becoming more reckless daily and most of the activity they are engaged in is a Felony .
there is justice:

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