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A Page From The Diary of Bill Sharpe:02/05/17 Here's my thought for today, Payed Hypocritic Protesters

The truth behind the rhetoric From the diary of A Patriot ,Bill Sharpe

Hello friends,Bill Sharpe Here...

Good morning to my fellow constitutional loving 

Good morning my friends 
Americans patriot constitutionalist 
 Here's my thought for today 

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Hello my Christian constitutional American patriots.

Good morning friends and fellow Americans and patriots,
Payed Hypocritic Protesters
I don't know about you but I'm fed up with these protesters. 

I think Pres. Trump should come out with an executive order, requiring all protesters to have a permit to protest, just like a permit for a firearm, but a permit to protest !. And just like a permit for a firearm you would not be allowed to get one of these permits if you have a federal conviction on your record, and just like the regulations and infringements of our second amendment Rights. 

All of those same infringements on our second amendment rights would be applied to permit holders who want to protest !. For example you would have to be fingerprinted, have photo ID, have a legal mailing address, and you would have to have training before you can get a permit to protest  

And just like the infringements of our Second Amendment rights, your permit would only be good in the state that you applied for it, and it would be as difficult to get as a permit to carry a concealed Firearm. 

You can pretty much see where I'm going with this, so I think everybody Who is sick and tired of these rioters/protesters . Burning  up the Internet with this let's see if they agree with their constitutional rights being infringed upon !!! 



Daily Bites of the Constitution : Review # 1-30 : In Case You Miss one...

 I would recommend that everybody go online and take a free course on the Constitution from Hillsdale college, I would also recommend that everybody should join a local militia group, and a patriot organization.


God Bless America is an American patriotic song written by Irving Berlin in 1918 and revised by him in 1938. The later version was recorded by Kate Smith, Note : I would Like you to take the 5 minutes and listen to the words of this Song and remember the Generation that fought A world war ,so we could be free ,So stand up be side Her and lets take our Country back ,my Patriot Friends ! 


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