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"Obama" Republicans No Longer Have Anywhere To Hide, Trump Cuts Their Pay After Treasonous Act

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The GOP is about to get a sampling of the master of the "art of the deal," American President "The Donald"

The GOP is about to get a sampling of the master of the “art of the deal,” American President “The Donald”

As President Trump’s eyes cut to the gorilla sized federal budget, GOP Rhinos are preparing for battle to protect their “interests.” Their selfish interests, like many of their pork pet projects, ensure they remain in their lifelong careers of catering to lobbyists and maintaining a lifestyle many Americans can only dream about.
A life of luxury with Cadillac health plans, bloated retirements and salaries that make the average citizens’ head swim are all on the bill, all without recognition of the hard-working, struggling tax payer. And this is “public service?” The Founding Fathers must be shaking their heads in disbelief and rolling over in their graves.

The Founding Fathers would be shocked to see what has been done to their Republic!!

The Founding Fathers would be shocked to see what has been done to their Republic!!

In his Inaugural address, President Trump called out the DC “fat cats” living on the backs of American citizens saying it stops now. And from the previews of his budget proposal he keeping true to his word going after the “pork.”

While the truly “conservative” president of the people is going after liberal Progressive Dems federally funded propaganda programs such as the National Endowment for the Arts, Rhino GOP leaders are talking of cutting “entitlement” programs, according to The Hill.

“The part of the budget that is creating the debt is the entitlement part of the budget,” Sen. Lamar Alexander, a senior member of the Appropriations Committee and the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee chairman, told The Hill.

In other words, GOP Rhinos are setting up to make cuts to Social Security and Medicare programs. True to their nature, many of these so called “Republicans,” like Alexander, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, are now mimicking the ex president King of Denial Obama and calling the PEOPLE’s retirement fund and healthcare an “entitlement.”

Social Security is not an “entitlement” and if Rhinos and Progressive Dems had kept their greedy little fingers off from it, this would not even be up for discussion. But cutting the people’s retirement fund seems to be the answer GOP leaders have come up with to “solve” the debt problem.

How about this? How about Congress cuts its retirement fund, healthcare benefits, overly paid undeserving salaries until they start doing their jobs as President Trump said in his Inauguration speech.? How about this? How about enacting term limits? Then people who go to work for the American people will be there because they are truly “public servants” sacrificing the way the founders did, not filled with self ambition to get rich.

President Trump does have one GOP conservative in his corner ready to battle. A Senator known for his genius filibuster tactics and his inspiring and impassioned speeches on the Senate floor.

A strong advocate of small government, Sen. Rand Paul supports President Trump's budget ideas!

A strong advocate of small government, Sen. Rand Paul supports President Trump’s budget ideas!

According to Politico, “Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) personally reached out to administration officials to argue that tax cuts without corresponding offsets would spur faster economic growth, and conservative groups such as Club for Growth and Heritage Foundation second that idea, bolstering the argument in the eyes of the right.”

“I think the government should be smaller, and I’m for tax cuts and spending cuts that reduce the overall size of the government,” Paul told Politico in a short interview Tuesday. “Trump’s [campaign] tax cut was large and not ‘revenue-neutral.’ I support what Trump ran on.”

Trump administration officials are searching conservative budgets in order to save money by eliminating the “tremendous waste, fraud, and abuse” that candidate Trump pledged to get rid of during the campaign.

But then, President Trump doesn’t just talk about “doing things” for the people,” he actually takes action. “Doing things” that will directly benefit the average, ordinary citizen like bring back manufacturing and creating good paying jobs. He does what it takes to get the job done unlike the constantly “vacationing” Obama and Congress.


Many Rhinos are up in arms over the Trumps proposed cuts because a large amount of the tremendous waste is the direct result of them voting for their own projects like “tea cup” museums, or bridges to nowhere. Billions of tax payer dollars wasted every year. If a community wants a tea cup museum, raise the money to do it. Don’t expect the government to do it.

President Trump ran on a campaign promise to “Make America Great Again” but that promise did not include doing it by cutting Social Security and Medicare. As a masterful business man, he understands you fix the budget problem by economic growth and cutting useless programs and waste.

An example of a useless wasteful program is the rural air hub programs, which Trump has on the butcher’s block. A tax funded program that pays for small rural “airports.” Basically federally funded landing strips paid so wealthy lobbyists and corrupt politicians can go on vacation together to private hide-aways out of the public spotlight.

According to Newsmax report, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowki takes a very big exception to this cut. It seems to be a very “personal” issue with her saying she will do ALL that she can to stop the cut. was adamant that she would do all she could to save the program.

“It would basically shut down rural Alaska… This is not a nice to have, it’s a must have,” she said, as there are no highways in the state.

Sen. Murkowski looks a little confused. Perhaps someone should draw her a picture!!!

Sen. Murkowski looks a little confused. Perhaps someone should draw her a picture!!!

Here is an idea Ms. Murkowski…how about the state of Alaska use the billions in oil and gas revenues to pay for some roads? Or how about all those hunting trips taken by wealthy lobbyists and crooked politicians who are mostly the ones using the “rural” air hubs? Have them pay for their private little airports. Or do YOU, Ms.Murkowski have something to lose by cutting out this pet project of yours? Perhaps sizeable campaign donations?

No one is questioning that Alaska is a rugged and harsh rural environment and literally isolated from the rest of the country. There are many who make a good living as bush pilots and use these little air hubs. No one is questioning there aren’t a lot of roads in Alaska, but if a man can be sent to the moon, then I think it is not impossible to build a few roads in Alaska.

And if you still need the air hubs then let those living in Alaska pay for it. And let every other state pay for their air hubs as well. These are not the essential large airports that all Americans use for travel, they are tiny little airstrips in the middle of nowhere in most cases and within hours of large international airports.

One of the many Of Murkowski's air hubs that cater to the wealthy paid for my your tax dollars!!
One of the many Of Murkowski’s air hubs that cater to the wealthy paid for my your tax dollars!!
Although funded air hubs are a drop in a very large pail of debt, imagine if Congress would just eliminate ALL those drops. Billions would be saved immediately and trillions over a few years. These cuts will also save billions in an over bloated federal “employee” pool of workers created by the Obama administration.

President Trump also is proposing eliminating 75 percent of regulations to unleash the private sector to grow, create jobs and dollars for the US Treasury. It will rid save billions in waste when the departments enforcing the stifling regulations are dismantled.

Trump is seeking to cut wasteful programs in energy (Soros green movement), legal defense funding, cutting loose PBS for privatization along with many other Progressive Dem programs that promote their far left Marxist agenda. He is also, to the cheer of millions of Americans, going to cut funding to the useless UN, perhaps the first step in leaving the elitist New World Order organization.

If Congress will take action and DO ITS JOB as our president is doing, billions will be saved immediately, trillions over a few years and suddenly no more debt and no more gorilla of an oppressive federal government.

Though “The Donald” needs little assistance when it comes to the “art of the deal,” voters’ pressure on Congress will only add a little icing to the cake.

“Deporables” rise up and get behind the President they elected. Tell your congressmen and senators to get the job done or face the axe Crooked Hillary received come mid-term elections.

The war is not over, it has expanded to include members of the GOP.


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