Friday, June 17, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...6/17/16:Christian Crusade Part 1

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Christian Crusade 1987 Billy James Hargis Part 1

A Thankful Heart by John Meldau A thankful heart gives us the greatest and richest enjoyment in life. A glad and praising heart gets immeasurably more out of life than one who is depressed and gloomy. Everyday brings it ‘s benediction. If trouble comes God comes nearer than before, for as your days are so shall your strength be. If there is sorrow then comfort is revealed in the sorrow. If the day brings difficulties, hardships. and heavy’s best things come in these kind of experiences and not in easy ways. The thankful heart finds treasure and good in trials and testing. The glad and praising life makes a career of gladness wherever they may go. (inquote John Meldau)

 Some of my Blessings: 

Often when life seems depressing I sit around moping for hours when I should be counting my blessings that God sent down to me in showers./ My friends who’d do anything for me; my husband whose love is so true; my children who simply adore me...and prove it by all that they do./ My church where we worship together with brothers and sisters in Christ./ My Savior, who’ll leave me, no! Never!...through all of my heartache and strife./ From now on when life seems depressing...when troubles and sorrows befall...I’ll think about some of my Blessings. How can I remember them all?

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