Friday, June 17, 2016


Have you ever watched television and yelled at the TV? I used to do that when I watched a hockey, football or a baseball game. I couldn't help myself. When watching sports it becomes natural for me. Now, I find myself screaming at FOX News. When analyzing my actions, I fear I've lost it.

Think about what crosses my mind. I watch Trump, a self-funding man, winning elections. It looks to me that he is the front-runner. I like winners, so, I'm checking out how he relates to issues that are important to me as an American.

You can see Trump on the issues by clicking on the link below:

The way I see it, Trump thinks as close to me as I'd feel comfortable with. I will vote for him in the primary in my state. Have you ever heard a Politician say he loves us? Trump tells us he loves us all the time. 

Back to the television. I watch a lot of FOX News. I tend to eat dinner around 7:00 P.M. and I eat while watching and a little before, to relax. I don't seem to relax much these days. I hear FOX commentators plotting on how to get Trump out of the race. What? They're talking about if other candidates consolidated, would that get more voters for one candidate and be enough to stop Trump?

Why would any political commentators want to destroy one of their own? Why are they not backing the front-runner instead? That would be the logical thing to do. I, for one, am doing the logical thing and backing the man who could possibly sweep the country.

If you bothered to look at the link I provided, you would see that Trump loves America and has his motivation for love of country to help us get out of the giant mess we are in. Some of Americans have shown the love for Trump. That is why he is winning.

Trump loves his family. He will want to leave a legacy that his children and grandchildren will be proud of.

It is my belief Republicans have a tendency to be caught up too much in religion. The religious make-up of a president has no bearing on how he can run a country. Others get hung up in the establishment.

I believe that Obama is a Muslim and sides with Muslims far too often. He has almost destroyed America with is ideologies. His time is limited but he can still do much harm.

We need a strong leader. Trump is that man.

I don't like to say mean things about other candidates but some have far too much going against them than for them. With the questions about eligibility and lying, that is 'baggage'. Why not endorse Trump and not hope for a second vote at the convention?

I know, Trump is not perfect but either is anyone else. No man or woman, who is running for the GOP or for the Democrats, is without flaw. There are some with worse imperfections than others but we are all human.

Why when given an opportunity that comes once in a life-time, a non Politician who is self-funding and winning are we not all 'gong-ho' behind him?
The establishment has worries. That is oblivious. Trump will mess up their way of making money through lobbyists. He will destroy corruption in Washington. They will not be able to control Trump like a puppet.

When the sitting president comes on television with a sole purpose to destroy Trump, you have to know the democrats are feeling fear. We, as Republicans or Conservatives should not feel that fear. 'We the people' should be happy that Trump is on our side.

I'd like to reach out to America and say, you have a friend in Trump. He will not take your money. He will help re-build America and bring back Capitalism. You will make money because Trump will create jobs.

We are sitting in a country that has decimated our military. We have no respect in foreign countries because our leader is weak. Our Veterans are not even being treated decently or fairly. Trump has said he will change all of this. He has said he will donate his salary as president to Veterans. 

We have a lot to lose in this up-coming election. We may lose our freedom and our lives as we know. We are so far in debt, it is a disgrace. Only a strong businessman can change this.

I'm tired of the Politicians and lawyers running the lives of common people.

America, pull together. Vote Trump and let's let him do what he does best. Let him re-build our nation. We can't do worse than we have now. You may be surprised at what he can do to make America great again; this time, even better.

Daveda Gruber

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