Friday, June 17, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...6/18/16:Christian Crusade Part 2

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Christian Crusade by Billy James Hargis  Part 2 (volume 40) March 1992

History teaches us that evil can not be appeased as appeasement only helps it multiply. In 1938 Time Magazine named Hitler man of the year describing him as a man of peace. Hitler’s most famous command: “WE MUST HAVE ORDER!” An Israeli Court has shocked christian scholars by issuing an injunction against the Bible Archaeology Society ordering the christian group to stop distributing its two volume set of photographs of the text of previously unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls. The set describes the suffering of Messiah which proves the Jewish writers and early christians shared Messianic ideas.

This view was disputed by other scholars. this ban stays in effect until hearings are held according to national and international religion publishers. Steven Wicke: the dead sea scrolls have been shrouded in secrecy since their discovery between 1947 and 1956. Christian Scholars accused the Israeli Government of suppressing publication of the documents since they offer proof of an historic Jesus who was considered the Messiah: (unquote)

 Pearl’s Poem:

 Song of Moses (I was inspired to write this poem on June 15, while reading Deuteronomy Chapter 32 AKJV 1611 ) Listen O people of earth, give ear!

The Song of Moses the people must hear! God’s doctrine shall fall as dew on the grass. It drops as the rain and forever will last. Moses, who published the Greatness of God...throughout generations where man’s feet have trod---God’s truth and His mercy is Holy and right. But we have corrupted ourselves in His sight! When God set the nations in order back then...Bounds of the people were set forth by Him! T’was Israel He found in the desert alone. He led them about as an eagle their young. Consider the old days our fathers foretold. Go back generations to learn times of old. 

How foolish, we people, unlearned and unwise... that we have corrupted ourselves in God’s eyes! God gave them honey and flint from the rock. He gave them rams that were best of the flock. There was no strange god with Israel then....But Jeshurun waxed fat and let satan move in. Their Rock of Salvation the people forgot! Strange gods moved in that the people knew not. There is much more to this song and it’s true. Please read it all. It involves me and you!


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