Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Seeing that it's Father's Day, I'd like to wish Donald J. Trump a nice day. Trump doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs and his influence has shown on his children. He has brought them up well. They don't drink, smoke or do drugs either. What a wonderful impact Donald Trump has been. His children are well-spoken and are a big part of the Trump business.

Happy Father's Day

When in November all is said and done,
it would bring such joy to we the people,
to cheer and be grateful that you have won.
May we shout it from the highest steeple!

We'd love to call you Mister President.
Please save America; we need you so
because we do know this is your intent.
Our country needs once more to feel aglow!

                                                             ©Daveda Gruber

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