Monday, June 20, 2016


Hard to watch what the evil forces in this world have done to God's children, especially the men He called to be the head of God's church and family for His kingdom, for the family to be near God and stay with God.

God called that the man would lead his family in the ways of the Lord and to correct them by the authority of God when their ways and words and works and deeds go against the Kingdom of God. This includes his wife. As a man of Christ, God directs a husband to oversee his wife's choices that would go against what God says, for the wife AND THE CHILDREN are influenced away from God when a parent does not remain steadfast in their roles to "teach children in the ways they should go." Man's first allegiance to the Lord means he is to lead his family and speak up of their waywardness that seeds against God will not be planted. As God is our heavenly Father, our husbands and fathers are to take the lead in securing that their family stay in the ways of the Lord. When a husband is of Christ alone, his ways are for good, not domination. His ways are to secure the eternal kingdom for his family. His love for Christ transfers to the love for his own family. 

Wives who have godly husbands who stand firm in the will of God should not reject correction, for LOVE is the foundation from God to man and for man to lead his wife and family. As God's love directs and corrects for our good, so does a Christ-centered husband's love direct and correct for his own family. "Husbands love your wives," .... Yes, a love so strong that their eternal direction be heaven, along with his children. Submitting to a wife's desires and wants and words and deeds THAT GO AGAINST WHAT GOD CALLS FOR HIS CHILDREN is allowing Satan to come in and destroy that soul, that family, for generations to come.... "a little yeast infects the whole loaf." Bringing a wife to examine her choices when they are not of God IS LOVE, ETERNAL LOVE for her soul and for the children that see and observe words and actions she makes.

Satan and his taken souls lured women into thinking they were thought of as "less" than men, that wifehood and motherhood were subservient roles, and they should demand more and seek more for themselves. Satan put competition and division into the family. It's a lie. God gave women and men roles that sustain families and keep them bonded and in the love of the Lord, FOR FAMILIES AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD. God ingrained his gifts into men and women both, both with skills for works that TOGETHER sustain a family in the Lord and His Ways and truths. It is the Kingdom of the Lord the joined efforts of man and wife connect together for, not their individual power competition that Satan and his taken souls injected into the minds of women.

All that God created and ordained for His children is under attack in America, fiercely, since Satan has been given a stronghold. The twisting and changing of what God ordained and provided for blessing and sustainment is being ripped apart by those who have been lured into the dark thinking that THEY know how to take care of themselves, their way, whatever makes them happy. Such ignorance is glorified by the arrogant and self-seeking soul who is led down dark paths by Satan who uses each one in ways to take down others. Whatever the weakness and vulnerability he can claim in a soul, he jumps on that back and pushes him or her into "works" that influence and capture other hearts and minds to go out and trap others.

Satan has been given authority in the White House, the schools/universities, our justice system, throughout our government. Even many of our churches have compromised with the world's way and left the steadfast, firm foundations of God. Oh yes Satan has, as One Natiion Under God no longer is held above men, and many men and women now serve themselves. The family structure for strength and unity in Christ and the foundation set for raising children becomes fractured, unstable, and lies vulnerable for "others" to train and influence in their ways.

MANY MEN have left the service role as God's leaders in church and home. The women and children were lured away from God's ways, too, where Satan's voices told them they were "slaves" in God's ordained way. He creates conflict among members of God's family to divide and destroy.

Now the voices of sinful, changing men and women are held above what God says is best. And those voices in the media and communication avenues who Satan took from their selfish pride and glorification of selves add to the works of Satan to raise his ways over God's foundations.

America will crumble and be destroyed if citizens no longer hold God in His glory and above men, for Satan always, always takes over hearts and minds of those who leave the anchor of Christ.... and the poor souls who elevate themselves and their way of thinking never get that they are not in charge of themselves... no, Satan makes them think so though and takes them deeper and deeper into a prison of slavery ... hearts and minds stolen from a soul and used for Satan's spread of evil and destruction.

Satan knows his time is short before Jesus returns. Let into a stronghold in America, he rabidly consumes souls, families, churches, the government, as many of God's children as he can.

Warn your fellow man now. Don't just see the destruction and be silent. Defend God, the family and your nation from evil or the destruciton of souls will continue. One day YOU will stand before the throne of God to answer for your decisions, deeds, works, words .......or SILENCE.

To the MEN of America, rise up for GOD in your leadership position... defend Him, share His way, keep the church pure, and direct your family to the Lord always. WOMEN OF GOD, CHOOSE GODLY MEN AND UNITE IN YOUR ROLES FOR THE LORD AND THAT YOUR CHILDREN SEE AND HEAR YOUR ALLEGIANCE TO GOD, HIS WAY AND HIS TRUTHS.  Parents and married couples, unite under the will of God.... IN ALL YOUR WAYS. 

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